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4 Alexa-compatible devices that will make your life easier

Let Alexa help you with your daily tasks4 Alexa-compatible devices that will make your life easier

Digital assistants like Alexa They are one of those advances that is progressively changing our lives. It allows us to manipulate other smart devices remotely using only very simple voice commands. This type of advanced technology has become the latest in tools to make our day more efficient. Here are four smart devices compatible with Alexa.

1. Smart speaker Echo Dot

A speaker that has a compact design that incorporates a voice control that has a system multi language. It has full compatibility with Alexa technology, this allows you to control many functions of the device from a distance with preset voice commands.

With this device you can combine the most modern of the current technology with the experience of a multimedia player that is capable of storing exclusive content from sources such as Amazon, Apple, Spotify and Sirius XM among others.

2. Power outlet Smart Plug

It is an Alexa-compatible device that has a compact design and a design that allows it to fit into most electrical outlets. It is white and has a system that allows you to control the electrical flow and consumption of the electrical appliances.

It is a technological accessory that can be controlled remotely and it has a system that makes it very easy to configure and that also allows you to set its parameters quite precisely.

3. Kit of cameras for conversation bidirectional

They are a pair of cameras with voice control and motion detection. Both are part of a high-tech surveillance system that is capable of recording video instantly with a HD 1080 quality. They are also equipped with LED lights and a fully rechargeable battery.

This camera kit will allow you to see, hear and even interact in remotely so that you have the opportunity to control and monitor your home in a very practical and flexible way. Both cameras are fully compatible with Alexa.

4. Control multimedia Fire TV

It is a multimedia control that allows you to play 4K Ultra HD quality content and is fully compatible with Alexa, this provides you with a wide entertainment experience that involves voice and image. It is compatible with most applications and platforms such as Netflix, YouTube, Prime Video, among others.

With this accessory you can enjoy high quality images and full access to 4K, Dolby Vision, HDR and HDR10 content. You can also enjoy excellent sound quality, plus its system also gives you the ability to store apps and games.

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