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4 cell phone tripod models that are used to take photos, have video calls, watch videos and more

4 cell phone tripod models that are used to take photos, have video calls, watch videos and more

Get the most out of your cell phone!

Are you looking a tripod for your cell phone? Increasingly, tripods have become a must-have accessory for tech geeks. With it you can take the best photos and videos, but also watch content or have a video call with great comfort. Check out 4 Amazon options for less than $ 30 below!

1. Ubeesize

East Ubeesize tripod It is a very versatile model, which extends up to 51 ”high and is made of aluminum. It is ideal for those looking for the best accessory to take photos for its different positions, and also includes a remote control to control the camera from afar. It also works as selfie stick and stands 17.5 inches tall when folded.

On Amazon, this model has more than 11,000 reviews Y a high rating of 4.6 stars. Its price is less than $ 30 and customers comment that it is a quality and very versatile product, ideal for those looking to take photos from all possible angles and heights. Its low price and light weight also stand out.

2. Acuvar

In this Acuvar tripod we found a model similar to the previous one, which rises from 17 “to 50” to offer you more versatility. It is a lightweight and compact design that will allow you to take the best photos with your cell ph1.

This model has a 33% discount on Amazon and a price less than $ 20. Customers value it positively, mentioning that it works well and that it is light, although this can generate some instability.

3. Ubeesize

With a compact and simple design, this Ubeesize tripod it is perfect for those looking for something small that they can always have with them or to use on desks or tables. It has 3 flexible legs octopus and includes a remote control with bluetooth to take photos from a distance.

With more than 13,000 reviews, This is the best-selling model on the list and it is priced less than $ 20. Customers on Amazon comment that it is a functional tripod, easy to use and transport due to its small size of 10 ”high.

4. Erligpowht

This is a tripod for cell phone Similar to the previous model, with 3 small flexible legs that allow you to place your cell phone anywhere. It also has a remote control with bluetooth and its design is very compact, only 10 ”high.

For your 15% discount on Amazon, this is the cheapest model with a value under $ 20. It is a versatile and functional tripod that allows a 360 ° rotation of its cell phone holder. Customers highlight that it is a quality product and easy to use.


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Alex D'Angelo

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