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4 Huawei cell phone models for less than $ 500

4 Huawei cell phone models for less than $ 500

A new functional and inexpensive cell phone!

You want a new cell phone that works well and at the best price? Huawei cellphones have been dominating the market for mid-range models because they offer great quality and affordable prices for every1. Next, we show you the best 4 models of this brand that you can find on Amazon for less than $ 500.

1. Huawei Y9 Prime

With a 6.59 ”screen without interruptions, this is the largest Huawei cell phone on the list. It has a camera selfie pop up 16MP, and on the back 3 lenses with artificial intelligence of 16MP, 12MP and 8MP. It includes a physical fingerprint reader, which is faster than the screen, 128GB of internal memory and 4GB of RAM.

It is the cheapest Huawei cell phone on the list, which also has a 8% discount on Amazon. It is an international model, compatible with GSM and Dual SIM cards. Although the quality of its cameras is not very high, it stands out for its large screen and memory, for a price less than $ 300.

2. Huawei Mate 20 Pro

With a 6.39 ”screen with technology AMOLED, this Huawei cell phone offers a display quality and quite large. It has an internal memory of 128GB, which can be expanded with a MicroSD up to 256GB, and a RAM of 6GB. This model stands out for its 3 rear lenses of the Leica brand, 40MP, 20MP and 8MP, and a 24MP front camera.

He Huawei Mate 20 Pro is the best rated cell phone, with 4.6 stars on Amazon. It is compatible with GSM cards, it is Dual SIM and it is an international version. Customers mention that this Huawei is a very good quality cell phone, which highlights the quality of its cameras and battery life.

3. Huawei Mate 10 Pro

Its about smaller Huawei model, with a 6 ”screen and HDR10 technology that increases the quality of colors. It has an internal memory of 128GB, a RAM of 6GB, and it is resistant to water and dust with a rating of IP67. On the back it has a camera with two Leica lenses, 20MP and 12MP, and a fingerprint reader. Its front camera is 8MP.

With more than 600 reviews, This is the best-selling cell phone of the 4 models and it is a version with warranty in the United States, compatible with GSM cards. In AmazonYou can find Huawei Mate 10 Pro in black, gray, blue or beige, and it is a cell phone that stands out for its simplicity, functionality and for being a compact model, ideal for any1.

4. Huawei P30

Its about newest model on the list, with a 6.1 ”OLED screen, IP53 water and dust resistance, 128GB internal memory and 6GB RAM. In Huawei P30 Its cameras stand out are of great quality, with 3 Leica lenses on the rear of 40MP, 16MP and 8MP, and a camera selfie 32MP.

For his big discount of 34% current, this cell phone is priced less than $ 500 in Amazon. It is a model compatible with GSM cards and it is an international version. Customers mention that it is a very functional cell phone, which stands out for its build quality, good cameras and a good price-quality ratio.

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