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4 smart TV models with the ability to connect other electronics like the Fire TV Stick

4 smart TV models with the ability to connect other electronics like the Fire TV Stick

A smart TV!

Looking for a TV that can be integrated into your smart home in an easy way? With one of these 4 models, you can access Alexa or Google Home with just one button.

1. Samsung 7 Series

In this samsung smart tv we found a screen with quality 4K Ultra HD. You can find this TV in 43 ”, 50”, 55 ”, 58”, 65 ”and 75” screens to better adapt it to your spaces. By downloading the app on your TV, you can access Alexa or Google Home.

It has 4.6 stars on Amazon and it’s about the TV model smart top rated on the list. Customers highlight of this model its great screen quality, with very vivid colors. Also, they mention that their compatibility with Alexa or Google Home It is a positive point, although it cannot be done through a microphone since it does not have 1.

2. LG

Available in 43 ”, 49”, 55 ”and 65”, this LG brand TV has a quality 4K Ultra hd and technology AI ThinkQ that integrates compatibility with Alexa and Google Home. Also includes Airplay 2 that allows you to easily share content from iPhones or Apple computers.

In Amazon This TV has very positive ratings, which highlight the great image quality due to its IPS panel screen in quality 4K. They also mention that their remote control Magic Remote It is very easy to use and includes a microphone to access the functions of Alexa or Google Home quickly.

3. Hisense

In this hisense tv we get a model with integrated Roku, one of the content services in streaming most used in the United States. With a screen in HD quality, you find this model in 32 ”and 40” and it is also compatible with Alexa and Google Home.

Is the cheapest TV in the guide and since it is a 2020 model year, it does not yet have reviews on Amazon. However, we can know the comments of the customers in the version of the previous year, which mention that this is a television with a great price-quality ratio ideal to place in any space.

4. Badge

In this model we find Firetv integrated, to easily join the Alexa system. You can find this Insignia TV in 43 ”, 50” and 55 ”and has a quality 4K Ultra HD. With FireTV, you can access tons of content on streaming and also control Alexa from its remote control with the included microph1.

With more than 9,000 reviews, it is the best-selling TV in the guide and has a positive rating on Amazon. Customers mention that it is a television with a very good quality, with a lot of content to see, especially if you are a customer Amazon prime. In addition, they highlight being able to access Alexa from the remote control, although it is not compatible with Google Home.

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