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4 waterproof cell phone cases that you can’t miss this summer

4 waterproof cell phone cases that you can’t miss this summer

Enjoy calmly this summer!

Do you want to keep your cell phone safe from water during the summer? At the pool, the beach or while doing water sports, we always have our cell phone close by so we can take the best photos and videos. But having your cell phone near water can be a great risk, so we recommend that you always keep it protected with one of these waterproof covers. Get to know the Featured Amazon Models Under $ 20!

1. Waterproof bag JOTO

Is protective cover by JOTO It is a very functional product, since it is compatible with phones up to 6.8 ”and also allows you to store documents or money, making it ideal for travel. It is a bag with a transparent front and back, with a top closure that keeps your cell phone protected. In addition, it has a ribbon to load it and allows you to use the screen without problems.

For your current 50% discount, this is the cheapest product in the guide priced under $ 10 on Amazon. It has a positive evaluation and more than 33,000 reviews, where customers comment that it is a very functional case, easy to use and that keeps your cell phone completely dry, ideal for the beach, trips or water parks.

2. Pack of 2 bags Mpow

With a design similar to the previous one, this Mpow product Includes 2 covers, which can hold cell phones with up to 6.8 ”screen. It is a completely transparent cover, which allows you to use your cell phone normally except for fingerprint entry. In addition to protecting your cell phone from water, it also keeps sand, dirt, snow and more out.

On Amazon, this product has a 6% discount and a very affordable price. Customers note that this product is very good at keeping the cell phone protected, it is easy to use and that it is of very good quality. They mention that it is ideal for any trip or excursion.

3. iPhone 11 case Vapesoon

Is waterproof case for iPhone protects your cell phone in a more compact way and is ideal for those looking for a simple alternative. This case has 2 completely transparent parts, which allow you to continue using your cell ph1. By design, this case protects your device from bumps, sand, dirt and water, and can be submerged up to 6.6 feet for up to 20 minutes without damage.

You can find this case in 5 color options and with a positive assessment by customers on Amazon. It is an ideal cover for those who want medium protection in pools and beaches, but it is not recommended for water sports, excursions or water parks. Customers comment that it is a quality case, which offers complete protection for your cell ph1.

4. Case for Samsung S20 Pleson

Similar to the previous model, this waterproof case for Samsung It serves to protect your cell phone from water, shock, sand and much more. It is compatible with the Samsung S20 model and has 2 transparent parts that allow you to continue using all the functions of the cell ph1. Due to its IP68 water resistance, you can submerge it up to 6.6 feet for up to 30 minutes.

At Amazon, this case has a discount of 11% and a price less than $ 20. Like the previous product, this case is perfect for those looking to keep their cell phone dry in pools or the beach, but it is not recommended for activities that require too much exposure to water. In general, it is well valued by customers, who mention that it is a good quality protective case, which covers the cell phone well and allows using the screen’s fingerprint access without problems.

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