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4 wifi routers that will improve the range and speed of your connection

4 wifi routers that will improve the range and speed of your connection

Enjoy a totally repowered internet speed

A router is a device whose fundamental task is to manage the internet traffic that circulates in a specific area. In the case of wifi routersThese allow us to access the internet available on local servers wirelessly. These devices can also improve speed connection, for this reason today we bring you four of them that will allow you to get the most out of your internet access.

1. Extender of rank


It is a port that is responsible for connecting non-wired devices to a wider network band so that you can enjoy a high-speed connection. The device has everything to provide a connection speed of 750 Mbps.

This way you will get a wireless coverage extended so that you can get the most out of devices such as smartphones, IP cameras, tablets and any other tools that allow you to access the internet.

2. Router Wifi intelligent


Despite its compact size, it is a powerful device that has the ability to improve Wi-Fi access in home areas and bring the connection speed wireless up to 300Mbps.

It has a system that eliminates dead zones connection and allows free access of your devices to a much wider network that allows a much faster and safer data processing.

3. Wireless amplifier dual band


A router high compatibility that transmits a stable high-speed signal that can cover up to a maximum of 1200 Mbps. The equipment generates an amplified Wi-Fi signal that allows you free access to the web from anywhere in the house.

It is equipped with four antennas and a Wi-Fi signal booster that extends coverage to more than 600 square feet. It is very easy to configure and its signal indicator allows you to know the most convenient location.

4. Extender portable Wi-Fi


A device that easily fits into any standard outlet. Your system with mode high speed allows a data rate that is ideal for live streaming or enjoying online games.

For its part, the indicator smart signal helps you find the best space in your home to get better Wi-Fi coverage. The device is compatible with most of your smart devices.

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