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5 curved monitors that will change and improve the way you use your computer

A tool to take your computer to the next level5 curved monitors that will change and improve the way you use your computer

The curved monitors They are pieces that are designed to provide a better multimedia experience and a visual field that is much more natural to human eyes. Today many designers, editors and even entire offices are beginning to promote their use as they are practical and dynamic tools that have completely renewed the way to take advantage of the computers. Thinking about it, below we bring you five options with which you can work, surf and enjoy to the fullest.

1. Samsung FHD CF398 series

It is a 27-inch monitor with a curvature that provides an immersive field of view with images of high quality. The design is also compact and includes a T-shaped base that provides great stability on any surface.

It is a high performance equipment that emits a clear image which will completely enhance your experience. The scenes, changes and movements are very detailed and have a system that offers you multiple choices connectivity with other devices.

2. Full HD LED display of 1080P

It is a curved 1800R monitor that is specially designed for multimedia content. It is a tool that allows you to enjoy high image quality, HDMI audio and is equipped with several ports for synchronization. Also, it is equipped with a wall bracket of high resistance.

It is fully compatible with the most advanced operating systems and is designed to give you a excellent display and high-quality experience. A totally dynamic tool that is also very safe and has a long service life.

3. Samsung T55’s 32 inches

It is a Samsung monitor with a high performance screen and a multi-port interface system. It also integrates speakers and has a minimalist design state-of-the-art that allows you to adapt a wide variety of spaces and furniture.

It is a high quality monitor that can be easily adapted to any equipment you have at home. It is a tool of high performance with which you can work, play, have fun and surf the internet in a way that seemed impossible before.

4. LG HDR 10 for gamers

It is an LG monitor specially designed to reproduce and manipulate heavy graphic content such as those found in video game last generation. It has a 34-inch full HD screen and an ultra-wide frame.

It has a 1 ms motion blur reduction, this allows you to enjoy the action and be able to detail the graphic quality of your favorite video games. The monitor has a support of adjustable height that you can adapt very easily.

5. Philips full HD with sturdy base

It is a device with a full HD resolution that has a 1500R curved panel which provides a wider viewing angle and a wider color gamut. It is equipped with technology AMD FreeSync that guarantees you the best performance in image and audio.

It has built-in speakers that better distribute the sound to give you a much more advanced multimedia experience. It also incorporates the function LowBlue, this is responsible for reducing the blue light emitted by the monitor so that it is safer for the eyes.

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