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5 drones that give you the best aerial shots without having to spend a lot of money on equipment

Capture incredible moments with these high-tech drones5 drones that give you the best aerial shots without having to spend a lot of money on equipment

Drones are affordable devices, light and easy to use that allow an unthinkable use of airspace in other times. Since they could obtain, from their inherent qualities, photographic and video captures that would otherwise be more difficult and expensive to obtain.

There are them by types and specificities. For example, among the most used are those that incorporate cameras to capture a high-quality aerial view and perfect angles with remote control.

That is why we have selected the following list of drones so that you can record and capture incredible views In a simple way.

1. Quadcopter drone with modular battery

It is a four rotor drone with a wide angle camera, altitude hold mechanism and modular battery for high capacity support and longer flights, maneuvered by remote control through a remote interface.

It is a lightweight and smart device that also has a headless mode for safer handling and control, plus it widens the field of view. It has smooth movement blades and precise orientation system.

2. Four propeller drone with GPS

Intelligent flight battery drone kit including micro USB cable and connector, replacement control bars and other accessories to ensure higher performance. Has integrated GPS, a photographic camera and another high resolution video.

This design provides three axles for increased stability, so that you can get clear and sharper images. It also has several predefined motion functions.

3. Foldable GPS drone with 4K UHD camera

Drone with 4K UHD camera and shock absorption support which also prevents vibrations, which affects the quality of the images. It also has a 5 GHz first person view transmission functionas well as an adjustable lens to capture various aerial angles.

Moreover, his intelligent flight system it is assisted by an integrated GPS that will prevent disorientation. Further, has battery alert signals for automatic equipment return to the initial site.

4. Drone with voice control and gravity

It is a four propeller drone that can be run by voice control; has 360 degree rollers and high capacity long distance video transmission. It also has a height hold function and gravity control with a built-in sensor.

This equipment is made of high-strength plastic that protects against bumps and drops. It is also easy to use, with flexible and precise commands. This way you will enjoy capturing dreamy moments that are automatically saved on a microSD.

5. 1080P Camera Drone and Wi-Fi

Drone with camera and Wi-Fi for smooth and faster transmission of images. It also has a wide vision and angle adjustments, to obtain more stable photos and videos. Comes with dual GPS for air suspension and automatic return. It also has a trajectory customization function.

This drone comes incorporated in a kit with aluminum carrying case for more comfort and with two modular batteries so that the equipment has higher performance and you can also use it for a longer time.

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