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5 laptops with a giant screen to work comfortably from home

The latest in laptops for the home office5 laptops with a giant screen to work comfortably from home

The laptops They are extremely useful and practical work tools that allow an experience more adapted to your personal requirements. One of its main characteristics is that they adapt easily to any workspace, something quite convenient for people who work from home. Thinking about it, below we bring you 5 laptops of big screen that will make you much more productive.

1. Chromebook HD 15.6 inch

It is a black laptop with an advanced system that provides a very intuitive interface. This design features a 15.6-inch HD-quality screen, light weight, a sophisticated design and a wide range of features to guarantee optimal performance.

This laptop will provide you with an excellent display with WLED, while its processor allows it to work three times faster than other similar computers. A tool of high performance that has everything you need to work comfortably from home.

2. Portable business with Intel processor

A device equipped with Windows 10, an Intel Core processor eighth generation with eight GB DDR4 memory that has 256 GB of storage. It also features a 1600-by-900-pixel HD backlit display.

This laptop is equipped with Bluetooth 4.2 connection, card reader, HD audio with stereo speakers and a variety of other functions that will allow you to have much more organization in the File management and a fast execution of each software that you use in your work.

3. HP touch screen and Windows 10

It’s a laptop with a touch screen 15.6-inch HD quality. The device has a 10th generation Intel Core processor that enables performance and provides a unique experience. Includes Windows 10 Home operating system and multi-touch support.

It is a tool functional and practical, all thanks to the high-performance touch screen that together with its 8 GB DDR4 memory, make it a true multitasking device that will help improve your work performance.

4. Dell Vostro with reader Fingerprints

A computer equipped with a reader fingerprints, an advanced dual-core processor and nearly 16-inch LED touchscreen. It has a resolution of 1366 by 768 pixels that allows a sharp and clear display of any file or content.

With this modern and innovative device, you can run high-consumption games and programs without problems, all thanks to its high quality and boot capacity given by its eight GB of memory. Its size allows you to take it wherever you want and perform tasks quickly and safely.

5. Lenovo with processor AMD

It is a portable laptop equipped with Windows 10, a next generation AMD processor and HD display 15.6 inches. This tool also includes a 500GB hard drive, Bluetooth 4.2 connection, and an HDMI input port.

A piece that is characterized by its large storage capacity that will allow you to get the most out of each program, file, game or browser. This device includes a keyboard multi-touch numeric that allows you to write in a very comfortable way.

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