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5 mini surveillance cameras to record everything that happens outside your home without anyone noticing

Keep your home safe in a discreet way5 mini surveillance cameras to record everything that happens outside your home without anyone noticing

The security cameras They are devices that give the opportunity to remain alert to any strange situation that could put our safety and that of our loved ones at risk. Technology has made these tools increasingly practical, incorporating new features and functions that make them more reliable. That is why in the following list we present some mini cameras surveillance that are easy to install anywhere in your home.

1. Camera domestic HD

It is an advanced full HD camera with software that allows you to stream live recordings that you can review from a smartph1. It also has a night vision that transmits a sharp image up to 30 feet away from the device.

You can store up to 14 days of recordings in the cloud and instantly keep track of your surroundings. It adapts to the most popular mobile operating systems and their metal plate makes it very easy to install.

2. Camera intelligent compact in size

It is a smart home camera with a two-way audio system, it is also equipped with a motion detection system and is fully compatible with Alexa. It records videos in 1080p HD quality and has infrared night vision.

Fits well in spaces Interior and exterior, all thanks to the high-end materials with which it is made that provide it with a long useful life and better resistance.

3. Mini spy cam 1080P HD portable

It is a smart camera with a refined and portable design that helps you go completely unnoticed. It features 1080p HD quality and a lens that allows you to record on a 140 degree angleIt also includes a night vision system that records clear images up to 16 feet away.

With this little multipurpose camera you can constantly monitor everything that happens around your home in real time. Its size allows you to place it in strategic spaces where it is difficult to detect.

4. Surveillance unit wireless

Is a innovative system that gives you the possibility of keeping an eye on various spaces in your home and office very easily. The cameras have a 1080p quality and have a movement and noise alert system.

It is an easy system to assemble and configure according to your needs. Its design makes it perfect for monitoring internal spaces and it is equipped with widely compatible software that allows you to review recordings on your computer or ph1.

5. YI system with night vision

A security camera compatible with Alexa and a system that automatically stores each recording in the cloud. Its lens allows you to stream in 1080p quality and is compatible with the hardware FAT32 that allows you a larger storage capacity.

It has a wireless connectivity that allows full access to the YI Home application, either from your mobile device or computer. It is a very practical system with which you can be aware of everything that happens in each room of your home throughout the day.

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