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5 products and accessories you must have if you are addicted to your cell phone

Get the most out of your cell phone with these fabulous products5 products and accessories you must have if you are addicted to your cell phone

Phones today cell phones They go far beyond just allowing us to make and receive calls or send messages. Its functionalities are increasingly extensive, and allow us to do almost any task with them. Taking this into consideration, it is not surprising that many people have become true addicts or fans of their cell ph1.

If you are one of them and you can not drop your cell phone at any time, you should not miss these products and accessories specials that will help you get the most out of your device.

1. Sterilizer box with UV light:

The sterilizer box consists of two germicidal UV-C lights, which have been scientifically proven to completely disinfect smartphones, killing 99.99% of bacteria and germs.

Its design fits all cell phones, including the largest designs. Thus, the lighting position guarantees the maximum coverage and efficiency for optimal disinfection in less than five minutes. With this box you can always have your cell phone fully sanitized.

Buy this sterilizer box here.

2. Battery charger laptop:

This is one of the most portable chargers compact and lightweight From the market. Its special technology offers you the fastest possible charge for any device.

Includes a security system to protect your cell phone from overloads or short circuits. So you can be sure that your cell phone will be in the best condition.

Buy this battery charger here.

3. Flexible support for cell phone:

It is a device that has the ability to bend into any shape to hold the ph1. Its compatibility is wide and fits most cell phones.

You may fold it to support the phone on your bed, use it as a stand for a desk or table, also wrap it around your neck and view it hands-free.

Buy this phone holder here.

4. Winter gloves with finger touch:

These are gloves made with a thermal and elastic material, with highly sensitive conductive material on the thumbs, index fingers and middle fingers for comfortable touch screen use.

In the palm of the hand include non-slip triangles, so that you can hold your cell phone constantly without fear of it slipping or falling.

Buy these winter gloves here.

5. IPhone 11 case wireless charging:

This is a Qi charger compatible case and when fully charged offers up to a 50% longer duration battery. Allows simultaneous charging of both the case and the ph1.

With her you can increase time conversation, internet use and audio and video playback. Additionally, it shows the battery charge status on the lock screen so you know how much you have left.

Buy this case with integrated charging here.

Do not stop looking at the products and accessories available for your cell phone in this link that we leave you here.

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