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5 products to have a smart home and add technology to your routine at home

5 products to have a smart home and add technology to your routine at home

Create a smart home!

Do you want to have a smart home? In this guide we will show you 5 of the most popular products to create a smart home with Alexa. With these devices you can easily control different aspects of your routine and make your home more technological.

1. Echo Dot

For any space in the house, the Echo Dot speaker it is ideal for its compact size and large number of functions. Through Alexa on these Echo devices you can create routines for when you get up or go to bed, for example. In these routines, you can control different smart gadgets and control Echo-compatible apps like Spotify, Amazon Music, and more. You can also use Alexa to set reminders, control your calendar, and make hands-free calls.

Its about guide best selling product, with more than 333,000 reviews in Amazon. You can currently find this product with a 20% discount at a price less than $ 40, being the most economical model of the guide. Customers affirm that it is a product with high quality and perfect to use Alexa anywhere, plus you can connect them to each other to keep all the environments of the house communicated.

2. Echo Show 5

In Echo Show 5 you will have all the functions of Alexa and more, since it has a 5.5 ā€¯screen. In addition to setting routines, controlling your calendar, and more, you can make video calls through the Alexa or Skype app, view step-by-step recipes while cooking, view smart security camera footage, and much more.

This is another very popular Echo product, with over 96,000 reviews on amazon and a price less than $ 70 for your current discount. Customers mention that it is an ideal product for the nightstand, the kitchen and the office mainly, since you can benefit from the use of its screen.

3. Fire TV Cube

This is a product with integrated Alexa that connects to your TV and allows you to view all kinds of content and also access all the functions of this smart assistant in hands-free mode. With Fire TV Cube you can control your TV and any other smart device in the house, while enjoying the skills of Alexa. You can also access the applications of streaming most popular and watch content in 4K quality, without having to press any buttons. It also includes a remote control with a built-in microphone if you want to use it.

It is the most expensive device on the list, with a price that exceeds $ 100, but offers a lot of versatility in terms of its functions and helps you add Alexa and content in streaming to your tv. With Fire TV Cube, you can control your TV and any other smart device, plus use Alexa for data, weather, and more. On Amazon, customers mention that it has a very good quality of content playback and that the built-in microphone is very good at picking up voice, even when there is a lot of noise in the environment.

4. Amazon Smart Plug

To transform any electronic device into a product smart, you can use the Amazon Smart Plug which allows you to control it via Alexa or the mobile app. It is an accessory that serves as an adapter between the plug of your device and the wall outlet, which connects to Wi-Fi. East Smart Plug It is ideal for use in appliances, lamps, fans or air conditioners so that you can control them to your liking with your voice through Alexa and integrate these devices into your routine.

This is a very economical product, with a price less than $ 25 per unit and that is well valued by customers. It is a very versatile product and ideal for any smart home who wants to get the most out of Alexa. It is ideal for your TV, air conditioning, heating, coffee maker, washing machine and more. On Amazon, customers say it is an ideal accessory to add comfort and technology at home, and control it using Alexa or the mobile application.

5. Switch Tp link

With this smart switch Kasa by TP-Link you can control the lights in your home through its application or Alexa. It works via Wi-Fi and is ideal for programming lights on or off according to the schedule. If you have an Echo speaker, you can control the lights in your house without moving and make your day easier.

Although it is a slightly more complicated product to install, this TP-Link switch is priced less than $ 20 for its current discount, and it can be very useful for any space in the home. This switch also offers the possibility of regulating the intensity of the lights and has a security function in which the lights turn on when you are not at home that you can activate from the application, to simulate that there are people inside.

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