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5 vacuum cleaners for your home that you can control from your cell phone

A tool that will make cleaning much easier5 vacuum cleaners for your home that you can control from your cell phone

Carry out all the household chores of the home It can become a problem when you have little time for it and is even worse when you suffer from allergies. However, you can opt for the robotic vacuum cleaners as a personal assistant that you can control from your cell phone to make your space look more presentable and enjoy more hygienic environments. That is why here we present five of these devices that you can have at home.

1. Vacuum cleaner multi-surface

It is a vacuum cleaner equipped with sensors that guide it on all surfaces without collide or trip with any of the furniture in your house. It also includes a multi-surface brush with a 27-degree angle that completely removes debris at the edges or in the corners.

It has a cleaning system with three phases that loosens, wash and suck dirt in minutes. You only need to press its clean button or program from your cell phone using the iRobot HOME application.

2. Tool for deep cleaning

It is a robotic vacuum cleaner with maximum power suction that offers three cleaning modes and does not produce annoying noises while you work. It has anti-collision sensors, automatic return, easy to empty filter and casters for stair thresholds.

It comes with the ECOVACS application that allows you to update its software and program functions advanced cleaning from your smartph1. This device is fully compatible with the virtual assistant of Google and Alexa.

3. Vacuum cleaner with smart navigation

This robotic vacuum cleaner has a 2600 mAh battery that allows it to work up to 120 minutes continuously, it also has roller brushes and side brushes doubles that allow you to clean the corners and edges of your house.

Its technology prevents it from getting stuck in carpets, furniture or wiring areas. It also has a voice control system that is compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa that you can configure from your cellphone.

4. Device with Infrared sensor

It is a vacuum cleaner equipped with a 2600 mAh battery and self-loading technology It has an infrared sensor system that helps you prevent collisions. Includes sponge filter, adapter, side brushes and remote control.

The device includes magnetic strips that give you the possibility to establish a completely silent cleaning area. In addition, you can control it with your cell phone through the application ONSONHome.

5. Vacuum cleaner with smart chip

This robotic vacuum cleaner is equipped with smart chips that allow it to perform optimal cleaning and guarantee you up to 100 minutes of operation. The device includes a remote control and includes an adapter, charging base, filter set and four side brushes.

It has advanced direct control functions through voice command by Google Assistant or Alexa. You can configure the vacuum cleaner from your smartphone so that in this way it provides an efficient cleaning that does not damage the floors of your house.

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