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6 accessories for less than $ 50 to work comfortably with your laptop at home

6 accessories for less than $ 50 to work comfortably with your laptop at home

Work at home comfortably!

In this moment that is traversing the world, many people were forced to work from home and create a home office. In this guide we want to show you 6 accessories so you can work from home with your laptop comfortably and improve your work day.

1. Stand AmazonBasics

Ideal to install on any laptop up to 15 “, this AmazonBasics booth Helps elevate your computer and use it more comfortably. It is recommended to raise the screen and use the keyboard at a certain angle, to improve your posture and avoid pain during the day. This product is made of aluminum with rubber that makes it non-slip and easy to move anywhere.

This is the most economical product in the guide, with priced less than $ 16 on Amazon. Available in silver and black, this stand is well valued by customers and they mention that it is very stable, durable and that it greatly improves the work experience on the laptop once you find your ideal position.

2. Support of Nulaxy

With the Nulaxy support you can elevate your laptop and improve ergonomics while you work. It is recommended to have the work screen at eye level, to avoid neck pain and contractures and with this support you can achieve it. To use it, you will need an external keyboard and mouse. Made of aluminum, this stand holds up to 15.6 ”laptops and features recesses to organize your cables.

On Amazon, this Nulaxy product has a high rating of 4.7 stars and a price less than $ 30. Customers mention that it is a stable, quality product and ideal for working from home, which will improve your posture.

3. Stand and organizer Simple Houseware

To organize your desk, the Simple Houseware base it is an ideal accessory. This product is used to give height to your laptop and work more comfortably, but also to store all the elements you need. With dimensions of 20.25 “x 11.5” x 5.8 “this is the ideal product to easily move your workspace during the day, if you are using the dining room table, for example. At the bottom, it has a pull-out drawer and its base is compatible with laptops up to 15.6 ”.

This product is highly valued by customers, with 4.6 stars on Amazon. It is an ideal product for small desks, as it adds storage and organization space, as well as greater comfort. Customers mention that it is a quality product and very functional.

4. Basis of AboveTEK

With the base of AboveTEK you can work anywhere comfortably. This product is ideal for people who sometimes work from the sofa, the floor, or the bed, as it offers a rigid base that your computer can breathe on and also adds space to use a mouse. Its dimensions are 14.2 “x 9.8” x 0.6 “and the extra base adds 6.1” in length. It is compatible with laptops up to 15.6 ”and its non-slip rubber surface provides security for your laptop.

On Amazon, this AboveTEK product has a 37% discount and a price less than $ 30. It is well valued by customers, who comment that it is a versatile and very comfortable product to use.

5. Work surface of Eminta

With this desk mat by Eminta, you can have a desk at any table. In addition to protecting your table from scratches, this product serves as mouse pad, to support your drinks and much more with a non-slip surface. It has dimensions of 31.5 “x 15.7” and is made of synthetic leather. With this product you can better delimit your workspace and organize yourself.

This product has a price less than $ 20 for your current 17% discount on Amazon. Available in various colors, this accessory is well valued by customers, commenting that it is a good quality, functional and aesthetic product to create a workspace anywhere.

6. Wireless keyboard and mouse Logitech

East logitech product It is ideal for placing your laptop on a raised base and working comfortably. They use batteries and are connected through bluetooth so you can work more freely at home. In addition, this keyboard is ideal to have a numeric panel if your laptop does not integrate it, and a more comfortable mouse than the touchpad.

With more than 20,000 reviews on amazon, this is the best-selling product on the list. Customers comment on this product that it is very functional and economical, but they warn that being two different devices, you need 2 USB ports to connect both products.

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