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A Home Theater: The 4 Best-Selling TV Sound Bar Options

A Home Theater: The 4 Best-Selling TV Sound Bar Options

The best sound at home!

You want enjoy the best sound in your home? With a sound bar, you can listen to music, movies and series with the best quality, so that you feel like you are in a cinema. In this guide we show you 4 soundbar options under $ 400 that adapt to different needs. Read on to find yours!

1. Vizio

In this Vizio product we found a soundbar with 2.1 ”speakers, which is the minimum recommended size to achieve a good sound level in these devices, and a subwoofer wireless that adds bass. With a maximum sound level of 100dB, you will feel inside a concert with surround sound. It also includes bluetooth to connect to your cell phone, technology Dolby Digital, a remote control and buttons on the top to control the speaker.

This is the best-selling soundbar on the list, with over 4,500 reviews on amazon. It currently has a 6% discount that puts your price under $ 200 and customers comment that it is a great quality soundbar with a suitable size, 38 ”long. They stand out for its sound quality, although some customers found problems with its durability. On the other hand, you can get the Vizio soundbar with 2 ”speakers priced under $ 100 at Amazon.

2. Bose Solo 5

Of the Bose brand, this sound bar has a length of 21.5 ”and is an ideal product to add sound quality to any television. You can place it on a table or mount it on the wall, and it also has bluetooth for you to connect your mobile devices. It has 2 2 1/4 ”speakers and a remote control. It includes a dialogue function, accessed with the touch of a button, that balances sounds so you can hear conversations more clearly.

With a Price less than $ 200 on Amazon, this product stands out for being from the famous Bose sound brand. Customers mention about this product that it offers a great sound quality, highlighting its dialogue function. In addition, they highlight that due to its compact size it is ideal for any space.

3. Zvox AccuVoice

In this sound bar by Zvox, we also found a technology that allows us to hear voices and dialogue more clearly, even at low volumes. Your technology AccuVoice raise the volume of voices above all other sounds, so you don’t miss a word. This is a very compact product, only 17 ”long, that can be placed on a tabletop or mounted to the wall. It includes a remote control, but it can also be controlled with the control of the TV.

With an average of 4.5 stars, the Zvox soundbar is the highest rated in the guide, priced less than $ 200 in Amazon. Customers confirm that it is a very useful product to hear voices better and obtain higher sound quality on any television, ideal for people who are hearing impaired.

4. Sonos Beam

Last on the list is Sonos Beam, a sound bar with a modern design and 25.6 ”long. It stands out in this product that it is a smart sound bar, with integrated Alexa to control your television with your voice. Additionally, you can control this product with your remote or the Sonos app. By connecting Wifi in your home, you can connect this soundbar with other Sonos speakers so your music can play everywhere.

Although it is the most expensive of the guide, the Sonos Beam soundbar is highly valued by customers in Amazon and stands out for the incorporation of Alexa. Customers comment on this product that it has a great audio quality, valuing its night mode and its improved dialogues, which provide a better experience with your television.

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