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A productive quarantine: Know the electronics that serve to entertain you or learn

A productive quarantine: Know the electronics that serve to entertain you or learn

Learn in quarantine!

In this quarantine it is important to keep busy to be calm and enjoy this moment despite everything. For this, we want to show you 4 electronics with which you can learn and entertain yourself that you can find on Amazon.

1. Kindle Paperwhite

With Kindle Paperwhite you can read a huge number of books and learn new things easily. The ebooks they are much cheaper than paper books, and you can also get any title with just one click. It has an 8 GB memory, a 6 ”screen and is waterproof, so you can use it at the edge of the pool or in a relaxing bath.

It is the best-selling product on the list, with more than 34,000 reviews on amazon. If you are a member of Amazon prime, you can access tons of books for Kindle for free, or opt for Kindle Ulimited to access ebooks and audiobooks. Customers comment that it is an easy-to-use device and idea for reading thousands of books on the go.

2. Drone of Snaptain

Ideal for newbies, this snaptain drone it is very easy to operate and has a camera that shoots in HD quality. In its remote you can install your cell phone, to see where the drone travels. It includes several flight modes, voice control, gesture control and 3 different speeds to choose from.

On Amazon, its price is less than $ 90 and it is well valued by clients. They comment that it is a drone with a quality camera, very easy to handle and very stable in flight. It is ideal for those who are learning, before buying a slightly more expensive dr1.

3. Robot Sphero SPKR +

Learn to program with the little robot Sphero SPKR + an ideal device for children, but that can also be used by the whole family. From the renowned Sphero brand, this robot ball allows you to program movements, sensors and LED lights and spend a moment of fun.

With a current discount of 21% and a high rating of 4.7 stars, This robot is an ideal product for children and adults, with which you can play and learn. Customers mention that it is a robot that offers multiple possibilities and that it is very easy to understand.

4. Drawing tablet XP-Pen

If what you want is to learn to draw or improve your technique, then this drawing tablet XP-Pen it is a good alternative. This product connects to your computer and offers a 10 × 6.25-inch touch pad and various control buttons. It can be used with Windows, Mac or Android, and it is compatible with a large number of design programs.

It is the most economical product in the guide, with priced under $ 60 on Amazon. Customers comment that it is a product with a great price-quality ratio and that it offers very good precision when drawing or writing. In addition, they mention that their work surface is very comfortable.

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