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Alexa: 5 smart devices compatible with Amazon’s virtual assistant

Let Amazon’s virtual assistant change your lifeAlexa: 5 smart devices compatible with Amazon's virtual assistant

Alexa is the smart assistant developed by Amazon that has been specially designed to help you in many of your daily activities. This system gives you the ability to program and configure certain devices using voice commands. Today there are many products compatible with Alexa that can turn your house into a true smart home, and then we bring you five that you will surely want to have in your home.

1. Media player Fire TV Stick

Fire TV Stick is a smart device that gives you access to different digital content platforms. The control has a high Storage capacity so you can install the applications and games you want.

You only have to connect it to your tv so you can enjoy loads of exclusive content. It’s a fully Alexa-compatible device that will change the way you watch live TV, movies, series, and more.

2. Smart plugs compatible with Alexa

There are four smart plugs that work by Wi-Fi connection medium. Each one is capable of supporting a 10 Amp electrical load and delivering up to 1200 W of power to your electrical devices.

They have a system that allows you turn on and turn off your devices just by telling Alexa. It even has an option to set schedules so you can reduce the electricity consumption of your home.

3. Camera Full HD with night vision

It is a camera equipped with a lens that records images in Full HD quality and has night vision. In addition, the design includes a sensor that detects the movements and sounds happening around you.

It is capable of storing up to 2 weeks of recordings in the cloud that you can comfortably review from your smartph1. Is easy to install in any space in your house, all thanks to its magnetic base and adhesive metal plate.

4. Smart speaker 3rd generation

It is a speaker that has a compact design that allows it to fit into any space in your home. It is equipped with horns which deliver clearer bass and treble.

With the help of Alexa you will have access to your favourite music and audiobooks with just one order. It also gives you the ability to set alarms and check the weather.

5. Musical lamp with multi-color lighting

An Alexa-compatible smart lamp that you can control with your voice the color and intensity of the glow. You can also set the brightness with a stopwatch so that the light adapts to your needs.

A compact size lamp that you can place in the living room, kitchen and even in your bedroom or that of your children. Its soft lights they will help you relax before going to sleep, this way you can rest peacefully.

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