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Amazon Echo Show 5: The Alexa Device That Lets You Make Video Calls At Home Easily

Amazon Echo Show 5: The Alexa Device That Lets You Make Video Calls At Home Easily

Meet this Echo speaker with a screen!

Since Amazon launched its smart assistant Alexa, it has created many products to integrate it into our lives. Echo speakers are the most popular devices, which allow us to easily have Alexa at home and control everything with just our voice. One of the devices that has attracted the most attention in recent times, especially during this quarantine, is Echo Show 5 a product that combines a speaker and a screen to get the most out of Alexa.

On its small screen, we can use Alexa to manage our calendar, create lists, watch videos and until making video calls. Echo Show 5 It is undoubtedly a very versatile device, which everyone in the family can take advantage of. In addition, from its screen you can control all the smart devices that you have in your house easily with your voice or from its touch screen.

In this product we find a 5.5 ”screen, with a resolution of 960 x 480 pixels and a 1MP front camera. As for the sound, Echo Show 5 It has on the back 1 1.7 ”speaker with 4 Watts of power. Is about a very compact Echo speaker, with dimensions of 5.8 x 3.4 x 2.9 inchesIdeal for placing on the nightstand, kitchen, office, and more.

Echo Show 5 makes video calls easy, via the Alexa app to another compatible Echo device or via Skype. This feature is one of the most prominent features of this Echo product, so you can stay connected with family and friends in a comfortable way. In addition, this is a very easy to use product, making it ideal for any member of the family.

On the other hand, Alexa gains skills every day and currently has more than 80,000 so you can explore and have fun. For protect your privacy, Echo Show 5 It has a button that electronically disconnects the microphone and a switch to close the camera when you are not using it.

This is one of the best-selling products with Alexa, since it has more than 97,000 reviews on amazon. Customers rate this product positively, with an average of 4.5 stars, and it has a current 33% discount with a price less than $ 60. Among the comments, customers highlight that it is a very functional, versatile product with a good value for money. In addition, they mention that it is a device with good sound quality, although it is not the best product to view content from Prime Video, for example.

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