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Canelitas: The new bilingual short video platform presented by Canela.TV

Canelitas: The new bilingual short video platform presented by Canela.TV

These videos include makeup tutorials, cooking tips, celebrity news, music, and much more …

The days run by and we wish we had more hours to do more of what we like and make us happy. But even now that we are at home more, between work hours and household responsibilities, the time we have for entertainment is more limited. According to a Deloitte survey of trends In digital media, 84 percent of Gen Z and 81% of Millennials consume videos of 15 minutes or less. Taking this into account, Canela.TV I think Canelitas, a new free platform for videos in short formats that will offer access to lifestyle content exclusively for mobile devices.

For all those who want to learn a new recipe in an easy way or, perhaps, know a little history in minutes and without being so complicated, they can do it in their language while they wait to pick up a take-out order or run on the treadmill .

The best devices to enjoy Canelitas and all your favorite videos:

1. Samsung Galaxy S9:

2. Google – Pixel 3a XL:

3. Apple iPhone 7:

4. LG G8 ThinQ:

5. Xiaomi Redmi Note 8:

Canela.TV, he free streaming service offering bilingual and culturally relevant programming to Hispanic audiences in the United States, proudly announced the launch of Canelitas. This new short-format video platform will live within the Canela.TV mobile application and will offer access to lifestyle content to the public that does not have much time. These videos including makeup tutorials, cooking tips, celebrity news, music and much more, They have been created by providers such as Cultura Colectiva, one of the 10 most important digital publishers in Latin America.

“Since the launch of Canela.TV, we have been committed to connecting Hispanics in the United States with their culture and we are delighted to expand this commitment to a format that will be relevant to Millennials and Gen Z,” said Isabel Rafferty, CEO and founder of Canela Media. “From our experience, and the data to which we have access, we know that our audience is more attracted to dynamic content, easy to see and at their fingertips, and we are sure that the association with Cultural Colectiva will help us. to achieve just that ”.

The Deloitte study that we mentioned at the beginning in this note, also revealed that those who consume more than an hour of short-form video clips per week have subscription rates above average, but are looking for personalized advertising to improve their experience when watching this type of content. . Canelitas is ready to offer brands the opportunity to integrate their products in an organic and attractive way.

Some examples of culturally relevant content that can be accessed for free at Canelitas include the following:

  • Kiwilimón’s “Foodies De Casa” cooking show shares recipes and dishes from around the world.
  • “Plano B,” (Level B) helps US Latinos better understand their heritage through videos of the most incredible places to see in Mexico City.
  • “The History Machine is a short amino series featuring some of the most important historical figures, including Frida Kahlo, the Lumiere Brothers, George Melies, and others.

“Cultura Colectiva is proud to partner with Canela.TV and provide original video and animated content for Canelitas, produced by our Mexico City-based multidisciplinary and creative team,” said Patricia Cordero, Editorial Manager. “This partnership will help us increase our reach among the lucrative Hispanic public in the United States. We look forward to sharing inspiring stories that connect the Latino audience. “

Canelitas can now be accessed through the Canela.TV mobile application, which can be downloaded at App Store Y Google play.

About Canela Media

Canela Media is a leading digital media technology company that offers brands a complete ecosystem to connect with multicultural audiences, leading with its free streaming service, Canela.TV, which offers movies and television entertainment focused on the Latino community through of multiple platforms. In addition, Canela Media reaches more than 20 million Hispanics through its more than 180 premium Spanish-language sites and its influencer database. Combined with company proprietary data, Canela Media possesses a deep knowledge and understanding of how to make meaningful and culturally relevant connections to the new core culture: Hispanics in the United States. Headquartered in New York, Canela Media is ranked as the fourth largest Hispanic advertising-focused company. For more information, visit

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