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Clean and disinfect your cell phone safely using these products

Clean and disinfect your cell phone safely using these products

Although you cannot wash your phone, you can disinfect it.

They say that our phones have more than 10 times the bacteria that a bathroom has, and we don’t realize it. But if you think about it, it is very true because whatever your hands touch, your phone accumulates it. And this can be even worse in these times where we are suffering the effects of Covid-19 on the health of thousands of people around the world.

Although you cannot wash your phone, you can disinfect it. There are several products that help you do this. These neutralize bacteria that other cleaners you try to use cannot remove. All the things that we touch throughout the day are transferred and accumulated on our cell phones. Therefore, here we share the best products to clean and disinfect your phone in a safe way. And best of all, some work to sanitize other things too, like your toothbrush, credit cards, and more.

1. Phone disinfectant smart by SOELAND:

Cell phone sanitizer. With aromatherapy function, disinfector for all iPhone, Androids, toothbrushes, among others. This is a multi-function sterilizer, which has sterilization, aromatherapy and charging functions. It’s easy to use, and plug-in to kill germs, which means you can clean it immediately after use.

The UV rays from disinfectants safely and effectively kill bacteria from invisible harmful organisms, helping to protect you and your family. Protect yourself from harmful bacteria by disinfecting your phone regularly.

2. Cleaner kit Bryson:

Cleaning kit for all types of screens and monitors. Includes cleaning liquid in a 473ml presentation with spray dispenser and a 60ml pocket presentation. It also comes with fiber cloth as a gift.

This cleaner does not contain alcohol, gently and effectively cleans fingerprints, dust and dirt on all types of screens and monitors without leaving streaks or residue.

3. UV disinfectant for cell phone:

Wireless charger, and portable sterilizer for mobile phones. The phone can be charged by placing it on the charger. UV light will disinfect it while charging.

It will automatically shut down after charging is completed, the whole process is in low temperature. When the mobile phone is almost charged or fully charged, it will automatically switch to trickle charge mode.

4. Cleaning kit GreatShield:

Kit includes microfiber cloth, double side brush and cleaning fluid. The product is odorless and leaves no residue.

This cleaning kit It is specially formulated to eliminate dust, grease, scratches, and static that your screens may have. It can be used in televisions, cell phones, tablets and other electronic equipment.

5. Sterilizer multipurpose:

UV Cell Phone Sanitizer, portable sterilizer with aromatherapy function, with ultraviolet light, and with USB charging for iOS Android. Clean mobile phones, toothbrushes, jewelry, among others.

This is a multi-function sterilization and aromatherapy sterilizer. UV lights kill viruses and make you live safe. Aromatherapy makes your phone smell richer and gives you a better feeling when using it. Bacteria-destroying UV disinfectant light targets hard-to-reach areas, killing germs and up to 99.9% of bacteria in just 6 minutes. It is also great for treating everyday bacteria that harbor items including keys, jewelry, watches, credit cards, socks, toys, forks, knives, and glasses. Ideal for Bluetooth headsets, MP3 players, small baby toys and pacifiers.

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