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Decorate the interior of your house with lights and technology: Check out these innovative options

Decorate the interior of your house with lights and technology: Check out these innovative options

Renew your home decor!

Do you want to renovate your home with technology accessories? Among the 2020 interior decoration trends, technology is one of the most popular, used to create a smart home with furniture and accessories. Next, we will show you 4 Featured Products You Can Get On Amazon.

1. Feelcare digital picture frame

In this digital picture frame We found a very good way to decorate any space with memories of your loved ones. This product has a 10 ā€¯screen with a white frame, on which you can place photos and videos of your family and friends. This device has an 8GB internal memory, a touch screen and is compatible with the brand’s mobile application.

This is an ideal product to decorate and expose all your best memories. On Amazon it has a high rating, and customers comment that it is a very easy to use product with a very good mobile application.

2. Lumiman RGB bulbs

rgb light bulbs

With these bulbs that change color You can decorate any place in the house, modifying the lighting easily, These bulbs connect to Wi-Fi and can be controlled through their mobile application or tablet. In addition, it is compatible with the Google assistant and Alexa.

At Amazon, these bulbs count with more than 4,000 reviews and they are cheaply priced for a pack of 2. Customers comment that they are very good quality lights and easy to use.

3. Curtain of lights: Twinkle Star

lights decoration amazon

For illuminate in an original way any wall, window or vertical surface, these lights are ideal. It is a good idea to know how to decorate your room in a relaxing way, which has 300 lights. This product has dimensions of 6.6 x 9.8 feet and 8 light modes.

With more than 14,000 reviews, This is the best-selling product on the list and has a very affordable price. Customers mention that they are very nice and good quality lights, although they are not suitable for outdoors.

4. AMARS RGB String Lights

amazon garland lights

Ideal for decorate any wall in the house, this string of lights is 33 feet long and features a remote control to change the lighting colors. It includes 80 bulbs and is perfect to complement the space with a soft and original lighting.

On Amazon, this product has a very economical price and a good assessment by customers. They mention that it is a very beautiful product, with dim lighting that goes very well for the room or room.

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