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Do you know what a facial steamer is for? Learn how your skin can benefit from using it

Do you know what a facial steamer is for?  Learn how your skin can benefit from using it

A healthier face!

In recent times, homemade facial steamers have been very fashionable to offer a simple product to keep our skin healthy. Surely you have ever heard or experienced the benefits of steam and with one of these devices you can have a small spa at home.

Steam on the face is widely used to remove all kinds of impurities and in general its use is recommended twice a month. In a natural and non-invasive way, you can clean your skin thoroughly.

With this product, you can remove impurities from your skin and also prepare it to receive serums or creams, increasing its effectiveness. The goal of a facial steamer is to dilate the pores on your face, to be able to remove all the dirt from them. It is advisable to clean the face before using one of these devices and dry with a towel.

When using it, you should place yourself at a distance of 8 to 12 inches, making sure that the steam that comes out is not too hot. Depending on the size of the water tank of the appliance, it will be the time you can do this treatment, but it is recommended to use it for about 10 minutes.

At the end of the treatment, you can remove impurities or blackheads gently and apply a mask, cream or serum. Thanks to the effect of steam, the skin of your face will be better prepared to receive blind products.

If you want to create a spa in your home and improve your facial care routine, then you must know Amazon’s 3 best-selling vaporizers then.

1. Pure Daily Care 3 in 1

With this Pure Daily Care product You can enjoy steam for up to 30 minutes due to its large 200-milliliter tank. It is a 3-in-1 device as it serves to vaporize your face, heat towels and humidify an environment. Includes a 4-piece set of tools to clean the face.

This is the best-selling facial steamer, with more than 3,700 reviews on amazon and a very positive assessment. Customers comment that it is a very powerful device with a great price-quality ratio. They also highlight its function of heating towels and its large tank.

2. Zenpi

In this device Zenpi It has a very compact design and offers a vaporization of up to 15 minutes at 140 ° F with a 100 milliliter tank. Its dimensions are 7 x 6.7 x 5 inches and it has an automatic shutdown when the water runs out.

With a price less than $ 30, this product has a very good evaluation by customers. In Amazon, comment that it is a very easy to use device, ideal to have in any space and that it also includes stainless steel tools and a ribbon to hold the hair.

3. Coconbby 4 in 1

Of the brand Coconbby, this vaporizer has an elegant design and offers up to 30 minutes of recovery with a tank of 200 milliliters. Includes a set of tools for the face and a temperature regulator.

The most economical model, with priced less than $ 25 on Amazon. Customers mention about this vaporizer that it offers a great price-quality ratio and that it has a top handle to comfortably carry it anywhere in the house.

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