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Do you want to add Internet to your TV? Learn how Amazon’s FireTV works

Do you want to add Internet to your TV?  Learn how Amazon’s FireTV works

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If you are looking for a way to add Internet to your TV and be able to view all content from different platforms, then you must know Fire TV 4K. This Amazon device allows you to play content from the best apps from streaming, as Prime Video, Netflix, YouTube, Appple TV, HBO, Hulu and much more.

This little product transform any TV into a smart TV easily, so you can take advantage of your subscriptions and enjoy the best content in the highest quality, since this Fire tv plays content in 4K. It has 8GB of internal storage, so you can download all the smart apps and games you want.

Another advantage of Fire tv is that, being an Amazon device, includes access to Alexa. Through the microphone included in its remote control, you can talk to Alexa to ask her to search for certain content and also control other smart devices in your home. Fire TV 4K It connects to the HDMI port of your television and to the power, so it is compatible with all types of televisions.

With more than 180,000 reviews on amazon, Fire TV is one of the products to view content in streaming More popular. Customers mention that it is a very functional device to transform any television, with which you can enjoy a lot of content from different compatible platforms. They also highlight the Alexa integration, which will make your TV much smarter. On Amazon, this product has a price of $ 50 and customers say that it is a product with a great price-quality ratio.

If you want transform your TV with Internet and Alexa, so Fire TV 4K it is the ideal product for your home.

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