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Echo Buds: Alexa on your wireless headphones, now for under $ 100

Echo Buds: Alexa on your wireless headphones, now for under $ 100

Alexa in your ears!

In order to enter the wireless headphone market, Amazon has launched its Echo Buds model a while ago, a smart headset that integrates the virtual assistant Alexa. They offer noise cancellation, good sound quality and all the features of Alexa in two small devices for your ear.

Not only are they compatible with Alexa, but you can also use them with the Google assistant or Siri by pressing and holding the outside of the headset. It features Bose noise cancellation technology and can controlled with different touch gestures on the outside or directly with your voice. Just by saying “Alexa” you can start enjoying all its features without touching any button. And also, with a double tap on the outside of the headphones, you can turn noise cancellation on or off to be more alert to your surroundings.

From the application, you can block the microphones if you don’t want Alexa listening and also know the battery that each of the headphones and its charging box have left. They are a bit big headphones, but its cover is compact with dimensions of 57 x 77 x 29 millimeters. It is also recommended to download the Alexa application to be able to take full advantage of the functions of these headphones.

Regarding their autonomy, these headphones support up to 5 hours of continuous use on a single charge and its container can store up to 20 extra hours of battery life. With just 15 minutes of charging, you can use your Echo Buds for about 2 hours. They’re sweat and water resistant with an IPX4 rating, and have a tight fit so they’re great for exercising too.

Like other wireless headphones, Echo Buds include 3 silicone options and accessories with wings, to adapt to your ears in a comfortable and safe way. With Alexa, you can choose your music from Amazon Music, Spotify, and other compatible apps, listen to an Audible audiobook, call a friend over the ph1. hands-free, get directions with the map application, find out some information and much more, just with the movement of your fingers on your headphones.

You can currently find the Echo Buds for under $ 100 on Amazon, thanks to your 31% discount. It has over 4,200 reviews and a generally positive assessment, in which customers mention that their use is very comfortable, both for the day and for sports, that they have a simple design that adapts to different styles and also highlights the sound quality. As a negative point, they mention that it is difficult to use Alexa in very noisy environments and that its case does not have wireless charging.

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