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Echo vs. Echo Dot which one is more convenient to buy?

Echo vs.  Echo Dot which one is more convenient to buy?

Compare these two models!

You want integrate Alexa at home, but you don’t know which product to buy? Today, Amazon offers a wide variety of Echo speakers to adapt to different needs. Among the most popular are Threw out, the original model that is already in the third generation, and Echo Dot, a smaller version of the latter.

These two are usually the most chosen on Amazon, as they are has good features and a great price-quality ratio. Next, we will show you what are the differences between one and the other so you can choose the best one for your home.

But first, we will start with the similarities. With both speakers you get the same thing: a smart speaker with microphones that allows you to connect to Alexa with just your voice and control different aspects of your daily life. Through Alexa you can set reminders, check alarms, control your smart devices and much more.

Both speakers have the same diameter, 3.9 “, and include a light in blue tones that shows the operation of Alexa and a panel with buttons and 4 microphones. Among its buttons we enter: power, volume down, volume up and disconnect microphones. This last button electronically disconnects the microphones from your Echo speaker for those moments when you want privacy.

But its other dimensions are different, since Threw out measures 5.8 “x 3.9” x 3.9 “ with a longer design and larger speakers. On the other hand, Echo Dot has dimensions of 3.9 “x 3.9” x 1.7 “. In general, Echo Dot It is used for the smallest spaces, where we want to occupy little space with our speaker. In addition, you can find various accessories on Amazon to place the Echo Dot on the wall, without taking up space on a table for example.

They also differ in its sound quality, as Threw out it has more space and better speakers. There we find a tweeter 0.8 “and a woofer of 3 ”, which together with technology Dolby Audio offers a great quality to listen to your favorite music. But in Echo Dot, we only found one 1.6 ”speaker for its compact size.

By having a better sound, Threw out It also has a higher power consumption of 30Watts while the Echo Dot is 15Watts. From Amazon, Echo has a 1-year warranty, while the Echo Dot has only 90 days coverage.

And finally, the variety of versions of face device. On the speaker Threw out we find this version, which is of the third generation, and also Echo Plus, with the same design, but an even better sound. On the other hand, Echo Dot has a option with clock included and one kids version.

One of its main differences is the price, since Echo is $ 100 Y Echo Dot, $ 50 on amazon. This difference is mainly due to the better sound quality present in Echo and that it has the technology Dolby Audio. Of the two, Echo Dot is the best seller as it is the cheapest and is ideal to start using Alexa at home.

If you seek a smart device with great value for money, Echo Dot He is the right one. But if on the other hand you want the better sound quality and you are going to use Alexa to listen to music, we recommend that you choose by Threw out or Echo Plus, a slightly more expensive version, but with better sound characteristics.

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