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Home security: Meet the cameras with the best reviews

Home security: Meet the cameras with the best reviews

Security in every part of the house!

Now that we are spending more time at home, it is a good time to repair or install new things. One of these things can be a security camera, ideal for increasing home security. In this guide we show you Amazon’s 3 best-selling camera models and that you can buy for less than $ 100.

1. Doorbell with camera Ring

In this model of Ring you get a security camera for your door and also a doorbell. It is a compact camera, which allows you to control the door of your home or office easily. This camera is activated when it detects movement and when the doorbell rings, so you can see who is knocking on the door from any smart device, like a cell phone, tablet, Echo Show and more. It is compatible with Alexa and has a 720-pixel quality camera. In addition, it includes a microphone and speaker to be able to talk to the person at the door from the brand’s application.

With more than 53,000 reviews, this is the best-selling camera on the list. Although it is the most expensive, with a price tag close to $ 100, it is certainly the most versatile. Available in 2 colors, customers value this product positively, mentioning that it is an easy to install and very functional camera if you are looking for a security device for your door. As a negative point, they warn that their motion detection is not very sensitive.

2. Compact camera Wyze

Ideal to install in any corner of the house, this wyze chamber It is a wireless model that offers 1080 pixel camera quality and night vision. It is very compact in size, 2.2 x 2 x 2 inches, and has a foot that allows you to place it vertically and horizontally. It has motion and sound detection, and is compatible with Alexa and the Google assistant. In this camera you can install a MicroSD card to record in a row and then review the images.

It is the cheapest security camera on the list, priced less than $ 30 on Amazon. This is a camera that is well valued by customers, who highlight its great price-quality ratio and its good filming quality. On the negative, they warn that it only records for 12 seconds when it detects motion or sound, unless you subscribe to the Wyze cloud storage plan.

3. Rotating camera Wyze

If you are looking for a camera that allows you to see every corner of a space, then this wyze chamber is for you. In this model you find a quality camera Full HD At 1080 pixels you can move around to see the whole space. This product can rotate 360 ​​°, move vertically at an angle of 93 °, and zoom. It is ideal for keeping control of large spaces and is a camera compatible with Alexa and the Google assistant. Includes motion detector, sound and night vision.

This is the highest rated camera of the 3, with 4.4 stars on Amazon. Its price is less than $ 40 and customers comment that it is a camera with very good characteristics for its low price, ideal for indoors or outdoors. They mention that it is very easy to install and has good image quality, although some customers found problems with its performance in the long term.

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