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Kindle Models: Take your books everywhere without having to lug them around with one of these products

Kindle Models: Take your books everywhere without having to lug them around with one of these products

Read anywhere!

A product for book lovers, so they can read anywhere easily. With a Kindle, you can have all your e-book library always with you and take advantage of any moment to read. Thanks to these devices, you can carry many different books without any extra weight.

Ideal to use when you go to work, in a cafe or on your vacation, the Kindle are very compact devices that you can easily carry in any bag or backpack. They are easy to use, the screen can be configured to your liking and they have long-lasting batteries.

Although they are somewhat expensive products, e-books or ebooks that you use are much cheaper than traditional books, so you can save there. On the other hand, with some of these products you can access some free months of Kindle Unlimited and other models are compatible with Audible, which allows you to listen to the books you want.

Among the main disadvantages of the Kindle, is that their screens are black and white, so they are not good devices for reading picture or picture books. The ebooks that you use you can buy them directly from Amazon and they will be automatically charged to your Kindle account, but if you buy them on other pages you must manually upload them to your account. And finally, although its battery lasts a long time, you must remember to load it, not like a common book.

If you are interested in the idea of ​​being able to carry all your books in a single device to read anywhere, read on to know 4 Kindle models that you can find on Amazon.

1. All-new Kindle

This is the Kindle more basic, with a compact size of 6.3 x 4.5 x 0.34 inches, 6.1 ounces of weight, a 6 ”screen and 4GB of internal memory. Its resolution is 167ppi and it has 4 LED lights on its screen. It is a simple and versatile product, in which you can regulate the brightness of the screen, add notes and read with one hand. It’s compatible with Audible and its battery can last several weeks.

It’s about the product more economical of the guide, with a price less than $ 60 and a great 33% discount on Amazon. Customers comment that it is a very functional device, although it does not have the best screen resolution. They mention that it is an ideal product for those looking for something simple, but if you can spend a little more money, they recommend investing in a Kindle Paperwhite.

2. Kindle Paperwhite

One of the most popular Kindle models, Kindle Paperwhite it has a size of 6.6 x 4.6 x 0.3 inches, 6.4 ounces of weight, a 6 ”screen and 8GB or 32GB of internal memory. Its screen has a resolution of 30ppi, 5 LED lights and is anti-glare. As a standout feature, this Kindle is waterproof, making it ideal for vacations or rainy days. In addition, it is compatible with Audible and its battery can last weeks of use.

This model has a big discount of 35% on Amazon and it is the best-selling model, with more than 31,000 reviews. Its dimensions are similar to the previous Kindle model, but for a little more money it offers higher image quality, more memory and a waterproof construction, and for all this it is one of the most popular products. Customers comment that it is a very good product, but that its autonomy is a bit low compared to other models.

3. Kindle Oasis

Kindle Oasis It is the most innovative of the Kindle readers, with a size of 6.3 x 5.6 x 0.13 / 0.33 ”inches, 6.6 ounces of weight, a 7” screen and 8GB or 32GB of internal memory. This model stands out for having buttons on its right side and for being able to adjust the warmth of its screen, to read comfortably at night. It is a waterproof product, compatible with Audible and with a 300ppi resolution screen.

Despite being the most expensive model, it is one of the best valued on the list with 4.5 stars on Amazon. Its ergonomic and aluminum design stands out, which provide durability to this product. Customers comment on Kindle Oasis It has very good functionalities in a compact size and the buttons are very comfortable to use, but it does not have a headphone output and its aluminum body makes it somewhat slippery and sensitive to temperatures.

4. Kindle for Kids

In the last place on the list we present you Kindle Kids, a device designed for children with a compact size of 6.4 x 4.7 x 0.5 inches, 10.2 ounces of weight, a 6 ”screen and 8GB of internal memory. Its screen has a resolution of 167ppi and is compatible with Audible. An ideal product for children who enjoy reading and can handle it easily.

With a current 27% discount on Amazon, this Kindle Kids It is available in 4 color options for its case and is priced under $ 80. This product is recommended for children over 7 years old and includes a full 2 ​​year warranty and 1 year free of content in FreeTime Unlimited. Customers mention about this Kindle that it is perfect to take anywhere and that children can read when they are bored, although they comment that the quality of its screen is not very good, especially to view images.

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