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Light up your garden: the best lamps that don’t need a plug to work

Light up your garden: the best lamps that don’t need a plug to work

Light up your garden!

You want enjoy your garden at any time of the day? In this guide we will show you 4 very beautiful styles of lamps that do not need a plug to work, so they are easy to install anywhere.


With this fairy lights for exterior you can create a romantic atmosphere with a soft light. This product is battery operated and has 8 different light modes. Its length is 66 feet and it has 200 lights.

This is the cheapest product on the list, priced less than $ 20 on Amazon. Customers comment that they give a very good light and are very versatile.

2. Brightech

These lights of Brightech They work with solar energy, so they are ideal for outdoors. They have a small panel that you can install anywhere and are 48 feet long, although there are other sizes.

It is a product that is highly valued by customers, with 4.6 stars on Amazon and very easy to install. You can place the solar panel on the ground or hanging, thanks to its included accessories, and customers comment that they are lamps that provide good lighting and are very versatile, in addition to being waterproof.

3. Take Me Solar

To illuminate any corner, these solar powered lamps they are perfect. Due to their compact size you can take them anywhere in your garden and they have a very nice style. Inside it has an artificial candle that provides a warm and soft light.

This is a product with a good feedback from customers who comment that it has a good design and that the light can last all night.

4. Jsot

If you want to light a path or a staircase, you are lamps with solar panels they are the perfect solution. Each of these lamps has a solar panel that allows light when the sun goes down. You can install them on the wall or on any support.

This is one of the cheapest products, priced under $ 40 on Amazon. They are compact, so you can place them anywhere, and customers note that they are easy to install and provide plenty of lighting.


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Alex D'Angelo

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