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Motorola One Hyper: Know the characteristics and price of the new Motorola brand cell phone

Motorola One Hyper: Know the characteristics and price of the new Motorola brand cell phone

Know everything about this model!

In the new model of the brand Motorola we found an innovative and technological design, with great features and an affordable price. Motorola has always been known for offering products with a good value for money and this cell phone is no exception.

Motorola One Hyper has a quite large screen of 6.5 ″ in quality FullHD + almost borderless and seamless, as your camera selfie has format pop-up. It stands out that in the back it has a physical fingerprint reader, which is faster and more accurate than the screen.

In Motorola One Hyper we have a 128GB internal memory, which can be expanded up to 1TB with a MicroSD card, and 4GB of RAM. In addition, it includes a 4,000mAh battery compatible with fast charging.

One of the most outstanding features of this model is its cameras. At the rear, it has a 64MP and 8MP 2-lens camera. On the other hand, his camera selfie pop up has a quality of 32MP.

East Motorola cell phone has a economy price less than $ 350 offering a quality device with good performance, as we have seen. It is compatible only with GSM cards and it is an international model.

In Amazon this model still does not have many reviews, but you can see positive comments from customers who mention it is a cell phone with a great design, very good performance and that their cameras offer the best quality photographs. It is an ideal model for those looking for a mid-range cell phone with very good features and quality.

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