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Nintendo Switch: The best game to entertain the quarantined family

Nintendo Switch: The best game to entertain the quarantined family

Fun for all the family!

Since it has been released, Nintendo switch It has gained a lot of popularity among all kinds of people for its versatility. Is an ideal console for children, adults and families, with which you can play anywhere. With Nintendo Switch you can enjoy all kinds of video games and have fun.

This quarantine is the ideal time to learn to play different games and thus have a fun activity that you can do as a family. The Nintendo switch can be used in the hands, on a table or on the television, providing many possibilities to enjoy your favorite video games.

This is possible because This console is made up of 3 parts: a 6.2 ‚ÄĚtouch screen and 2 joysticks that are put on and taken off. For use in hands, it is used all together and for use on the table, the screen is separated from the joysticks and stands with a support that has in the back. And also can connect to TV Thanks to its included base, to play comfortably with the family. It includes a battery that can last from 4.5 to 9 hours, depending on the game you are using.

Offers many game modes, what supports up to 8 players at the same time With their respective joysticks. On Nintendo Switch you can play only with both Joy-con, two with a Joy-con each one or also connect others Joy-con (sold separately) to add more people.

In Amazon, this console has a very high rating from customers with 4.8 stars. Have more than 14,000 reviews and is available in gray or red and blue. Among the customer comments, those who mention that it is a quality product, very easy to use and versatile, perfect for the whole family stand out. Without a doubt, its greatest advantage is being able to play in many different ways and in multi-player. As a negative point, customers comment that the games are quite expensive and that the game on-line It does not work well.

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