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Oculus: The Ultimate in Augmented Reality Games for the Whole Family to Enjoy

Oculus: The Ultimate in Augmented Reality Games for the Whole Family to Enjoy

The best of technology to have fun at home

Oculus It is a device that is considered the future of virtual reality games, this is because it has next-generation lenses that allow you to enjoy a sharper image quality and more intense and bright colors. Its advanced system works through software innovations to bring you good gaming experience on any PC.

So, thanks to your Ergonomic design, you will be able to enjoy your game time in total comfort. The visor tape around the head has been redesigned to accommodate factors such as speed of movements and reactions. In this way, the system allows you to stay in a fixed place and adapts easily to the reactions and fluidity of the movements of each player.


This system takes a step forward in terms of virtual reality, since its ability to reproduce all your movements provides a totally personalized experience that adapts to the motor skills of each user, thus managing to make each game a challenge without being frustrating. Therefore, you can calmly contemplate and detail your surroundings, change course and enjoy an adventure adapted to your Reaction capacity.

Just as the viewer allows you to have a much more gaming experience immersive, the controllers are designed to translate your hand movements and gestures into the game environment. Actions such as hitting, shooting and grabbing objects are much more precise, realistic and intuitive to make the player experience very personal and impossible to copy.

This next-generation device allows you to enjoy an amazing and fun experience in the company of your family and also your friends. The system allows you to enjoy high-performance virtual reality games on any desktop computer with graphics of high quality and easy to configure.

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