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Quarantined Video Calls: The Best Devices to Stay Connected with Family and Friends

Quarantined Video Calls: The Best Devices to Stay Connected with Family and Friends

Connect with your loved ones!

During the quarantine, video calls have become a very important part of our lives. Through these video calls we feel closer to family, friends and loved ones in these difficult times. In this guide we want to show you 5 products that will help you have the best video calls.

Also, we leave you a list of the most used applications to make video calls that work on the cell phone, computer or tablet:

  • WhatsApp (cell phone only).
  • FaceTime (cell phone only).
  • Zoom.
  • Facebook Messenger.
  • Skype
  • Hangouts.
  • Google Meet.
  • Jitsi Meet.

1. Camera Web of Logitech

For higher quality video calls, this camera Web of Logitech it is an ideal accessory. It has a 1080-pixel HD quality camera and is compatible with a large number of devices. It has a universal hook, stereo speakers and a double microphone to enhance the sound on your calls.

At Amazon, this webcam has a current discount of 23% and a value less than $ 200. Customers positively value this product, mentioning that it is a webcam with a great price-quality ratio and with a great image quality.

2. Cell tripod Erligpowht

To make your video calls from the cell phone very comfortable, nothing better than a tripod that allows you to hold the cell phone vertically or horizontally anywhere. This model of Erligpowht it is very compact and also serves as selfie stick, so you can move around the house while talking with family or friends. When closed, this tripod measures 7.28 ” and can be extended up to 27.20 ”. It is compatible with all types of cell phones and is an accessory that can help anyone to have video calls more easily.

With this tripod you can have video calls from anywhere in the house, thanks to its adjustable height and rotation. It has a price less than $ 20 on Amazon and it will also be very functional when we can travel again or have family reunions due to its function of selfie stick and remote control.

3. Fire HD 10

If you want a very comfortable device for making video calls, a tablet is a good alternative. In addition to having a large screen to make calls, you can use it to view content, study or work. In Fire HD 10 we find a 10.1 ”screen in HD, with 2GB of RAM, autonomy of up to 12 hours and a memory of 32 or 64GB. It includes 2 cameras, one rear and one front, 2MP each and a video quality of up to 720 pixels. It has a USB-C charger to ensure faster charging.

At Amazon, this tablet has a price less than $ 120 for your 27% discount and it will be available from June 10. Available in 4 sober colors, this tablet is more designed for people who want to work or enjoy series and movies in applications such as Prime Video, Netflix, HBO and more. Customers comment that it is a tablet with good performance, and that its screen is of great quality ideal for reading, watching content or working.

4. Echo Show second generation

The product Echo Show It has gained a lot of popularity lately for offering all the functions of Alexa with a screen, which increases its possibilities. Now, this Echo product has taken on a new functionality: allowing video calls between family and friends that can be initiated with just your voice. This model has a 10.1 ”screen in HD quality, a 5MP front camera and high sound quality speakers.

On Amazon, this product has a current discount of 22% and a value less than $ 200. Echo Show has over 17,000 reviews and customers comment that it is a very functional and versatile product, perfect to integrate into your smart home. In addition to this model with a 10.1 ”screen, you can find the model Echo Show 8 with an 8 ”screen and Echo Show 5 with a 5 ”screen, which are cheaper versions.

5. Facebook Portal Mini 10 “

Facebook Portal Mini It is a product similar to the previous one, with a simple design that simulates being a photo frame. It has a 10 ”screen, 4 microphones, stereo speakers and a 13MP front camera with artificial intelligence, which follows you while you speak. It is ideal to have video calls with anyone, through Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp.

This product has a 28% discount on Amazon and a current price less than $ 150. Customers positively rate this product, with 4.4 stars, and mention that it is very easy to use and very useful. They especially recommend it for people who don’t get along with technology, as it is easy to use and ideal for video calling. In addition to this model with a 10 ”screen, you can find a Facebook Portal with 8 ”screen or the model Portal Plus used vertically.

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