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Samsung Galaxy A11: The cell phone (cheap!) That everyone wants to buy online

Samsung Galaxy A11: The cell phone (cheap!) That everyone wants to buy online

Having a smart phone with good features does not have to go out of your face …

There are a wide variety of tools and resources online that help us search and find products that are being very popular and that everyone is buying as a trend. One of those tools is Google Shopping Insights. In Shopping Guide we did our research to see which electronic devices are gaining popularity and we stumbled upon the cell phone Samsung Galaxy A11.

One of the most recent releases of Samsung is the Galaxy A11, a low-end device with a MSRP of $ 179.99. The Galaxy A11 is a phone that combines the essentials of the smartphone with the reliability of Samsung. Take sharp and clear photos and videos with the powerful triple lens camera. Enjoy cinematic clarity with the 6.4 ″ edge-to-edge display. Measured diagonally, the screen size is 6.4 ″ in the full rectangle and 6.3 ″ taking into account the rounded corners. It continues with a long battery life, which keeps you company throughout the day, based on average battery life under typical usage conditions.

He Galaxy A11 It comes with Samsung’s custom version of Android 10, also known as One UI 2.1. That means the software experience is pretty similar to what you get on the Galaxy S and Note smartphones, minus the features that require specific hardware. There are all the usual Android 10 features (full-screen navigation, improved notifications, system-wide dark theme, etc.), plus the functionality that Samsung adds on top.

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