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Should I buy an Echo Dot? Learn about all the Alexa functions that can help you at home

Should I buy an Echo Dot?  Learn about all the Alexa functions that can help you at home

Create a smart home!

With Echo Dot, it is very easy to integrate a smart assistant at home. In this speaker we find Alexa, the Amazon assistant created to make our day to day easier. This Echo speaker is often the first step for many families towards a smart home, as it is an inexpensive, compact and easy to use device. Learn about its most prominent functions and features below.

Many people use Alexa to start your day in the best way, since you can ask your Echo Dot, what tell you the weather, read the news, tell you what’s on your calendar and much more. Just with your voice you can ask Alexa for whatever you want while you make breakfast and stay organized.

Further, you can add things to your calendar, shopping list and more with Alexa, so you never forget anything. Alexa is also ideal for starting timers or setting alarms, being a great help in your routine.

You can too play music easily with Alexa. your Echo Dot connects to different music apps on streaming such as Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora and Amazon Music, which you can access for free if you are a client of Amazon prime. Through your voice and these applications, you can put your favorite music to listen to while you get ready in the morning, work, cook or go to sleep.

Another feature of Echo Dot which is very useful in these moments of confinement, is be able to call any number in the United States or Mexico hands-free. Through the Alexa app, you can use your Echo Dot as a phone and stay connected with friends and family.

Alexa is ideal for find out any kind of information, in a fast and easy way. If you have a question, you only need to ask your Echo Dot and Alexa will find the answer for you. It is a very simple way to get rid of doubts.

If at home you have other smart devices, you can control them with your voice through Echo Dot. You can adjust smart bulbs, turn appliances on or off, and much more. Once you start integrating more smart devices into your home, the possibilities of the Echo Dot they are infinite.

echo dot what is it for

In Echo Dot we find a smart speaker with a great price-quality ratio, within the options that exist to integrate Alexa at home. This is a device compact size, 3.9 x 3.9 x 1.7 inches, with speakers on all sides, microphones on the top and 4 buttons: volume control, electronic on and off of the microphones to give you privacy. In addition, it has a light that marks the operation so you can easily detect if Alexa is listening to you.

echo dot functions with alexa

With more than 300,000 reviews, this is amazon best selling Echo speaker and you can find it in 4 color options. Currently has a 20% discount and a price less than $ 40. In addition to its original version, you can find Echo Dot Kids, a version designed specifically for children, and also Echo Dot with Clock, which shows you the time. This is a product highly valued by customers, 4.7 stars on average, and they mention that it is very functional, with great sound quality and perfect to place on any table in the living room, in the bedroom or in the office.

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