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Still don’t have internet on your TV? Know the best-selling products and have fun in quarantine

Still don’t have internet on your TV?  Know the best-selling products and have fun in quarantine

Enjoy all the series and movies!

In these moments when we must stay at home to take care of our health and that of others, it is important to have moments of fun and entertainment that help us clear our minds. In addition to viewing content on the computer or cell phone, we can now enjoy any series, movie or video on your TV.

Here are the best products you can install on your TV to watch content from Netflix, YouTube, HBO, Prime Video and many more applications. With these devices you can have fun, while you stay at home.

1. Fire TV Stick

With built-in Alexa, Fire TV Stick It is an Amazon product that allows you to access different applications through an Internet connection. It is a small device, which connects to the HDMI port of your television and to the current, and shows the most popular applications such as Netflix, HBO, Prime Video, and more, but also allows you to use Amazon’s virtual assistant, Alexa . You can control this device with the remote control, with the keys or the included microph1.

In Amazon, This product has a value of less than $ 40 with a good price-quality ratio, based on the positive evaluation of the customers and the more than 160,000 reviews. Customers highlight the ease of installation and use, in addition to being used to connect headphones bluetooth and view content without disturbing any1. It has HD playback quality and 8GB memory.

2. Fire TV Stick 4K

Also from Amazon, Fire TV Stick 4K It is a newer model than the previous version, with which you can see the content you want from your favorite applications in 4K quality. In its simple little button control it also has a microphone, which allows you to search for content and use Alexa, to control other smart devices in the home. If you are part of Amazon Prime, then you will be able to enjoy the content on Prime Video and also popular applications with their respective subscriptions such as Netflix, Hulu, HBO, ESPN, Sling, Disney + and more.

This is the best selling product on the list, with more than 185,000 reviews on amazon and it is also the best rated, with 4.6 stars. This Fire TV is priced less than $ 50 and customers mention that it is a very functional accessory, with a remote control with which you can control the Fire Stick, the TV, a sound bar and any other device via Alexa. Due to its high demand, it is a product that will be available from April 20.

3. Roku Streaming Stick +

The brand Roku is one of the best sellers in the United States, offering different streaming devices to meet customer needs. This is the best seller, with a more compact design that plays videos in 4K, HDR or HD quality depending on your television and content provider. It allows you to enjoy many different applications and its installation is very simple, since the device connects directly to the HDMI port.

For its current 18% discount, this Roku device has priced less than $ 50 on Amazon. Of all the brand’s options, this is the ideal product to capture the signal Wifi with more power, which is very useful if the Roku is too far from the router in your house. In addition to being able to control it by voice with its microphone, the remote control of this Roku model allows you to control the volume and power of the TV, and also provides direct access to different applications.

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