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Tablets for kids: The best way to safely bring them closer to technology

The best way for your children to become familiar with technologyTablets for kids: The best way to safely bring them closer to technology

Advances in technology always has something to offer to all types of public regardless of their age. At present, electronic devices for kids They have undergone a series of changes and transformations until they become comparable with the tools that we adults use, with the exception of certain systems of approval and restriction of content. A good example of this evolution can be seen in the tablets for children which are characterized by being easy to use, having designs with safety covers and of course, by the content. If you are looking for a way for your child to become a little more familiar with technology, here are some tablets with which you can teach him.

1. Children’s tablet 16GB memory

It is a tablet for children that is equipped with a 1.5 GHz Quad-Core processor in addition to 16 GB of storage that provide great performance. The device is equipped with the Android system parental control and an HD touch screen that will allow your child to enjoy their favorite videos and games in great graphic quality.

The device comes with pre-installed games In addition, it has a Bluetooth connectivity system, a dual webcam perfect for video calls and a lot of content with cartoons and electronic books that will stimulate your desire to learn and increase your imagination.

2. Fire HD for kids 32GB internal memory

The Fire HD 10 tablet is a feature-rich tool that gives your child access to more than 20,000 applications including games, books, videos and lots of educational content to stimulate their learning. It is a high-performance device and has an internal storage capacity of 32 GB.

In addition, it has a parental control configuration with which you can have total control regarding the content that your children download and access. Furthermore, the tablet includes its own USB-C cable and a power adapter so you can recharge it anywhere quickly and safely.

3. Topelotek with protective screen and double camera

It is a device with 16 GB of storage capacity and a series of pre-installed applications that include social networks such as YouTube, Facebook, electronic books and much more content specially selected for children. The design includes a screen that provides a wide viewing angle and is reinforced with a glass to protect eyes of your son.

It is a tool that will facilitate your son or daughter access to content more fun educational available online, it also has a very easy-to-use operating system that will help you hone your skills with technological tools. The tablet also has space for a microSD memory.

4. Vankyo Tool with 38 languages ​​available

It is a tablet that includes 38 different languages ​​and has a parental control system with advanced functions. The design includes a 7-inch HD screen and a quad core processor 1.5 GHz which guarantees a wide performance and allows to reproduce multimedia content much more colorful and easy to adjust.

The device also includes a fully shock resistant safety cover and eye health mode Integrated which filters the blue light emitted by the screen, in this way you prevent visual fatigue and take care of the visual health of your child.

5. Samsung tablet with protective cover

It is a tablet for children Samsung which is equipped with a protective case that protects its components from shocks and falls. This tool includes a very intuitive operating system perfect for the child to play, surf, read, watch movies and get the most out of it by himself.

It also includes a parental control system and has a very light body that makes it much more Easy to manipulate. It also has a screen that provides a very comfortable viewing and can be adjusted so that your child’s visual health is not adversely affected by the blue light of the tablet.

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