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The 4 best devices that allow you to monitor air quality

The best to make sure your home is safe for your whole familyThe 4 best devices that allow you to monitor air quality

In air that you breathe in your home or workplace can contain pollutants that are harmful to health in general such as smoke, air conditioning gases, dust and microorganisms that travel through the air. Fortunately there are devices like the ones you will see below that allow you to monitor and control the air within each space.

1. Air monitor with LCD screen

It is a monitor with advanced technology that allows you to perceive small changes in the air in each room and provides response in real time. It is designed to work with a USB power or with two AAA batteries.

Track the air to detect chemicals, fumes and any pollutant to later display the quality levels on its LCD screen. A tool that offers long-term stability when used in the same environment.

2. Portable device with laser sensor

An air quality meter that works with a 2200 mAh battery and incorporates a laser sensor and fan that allows you to make precise measurements in real time. It also includes a kit with 100 strips to test the water quality.

It is a device multifunctional and portable that you can use in the car, hotel rooms or even in the spaces of your home to measure air quality that is then reflected on an easy to read LCD display screen.

3. Monitor with measuring system electrochemical

It is a monitor that measures air quality through an electrochemical sensor with a useful life of three years and integrated fan providing accurate results instantly. The meter is powered by a 2200 mAh rechargeable battery.

It features a simple design with a comfortable viewing mode and a colorful indicator that clearly shows the levels of containment and fine dust in the air. A compact size device that easily fits your home and office.

4. Meter with light sensors

It is a meter designed with an LCD display of 2.8 inch It reflects current data and also has a storage system that allows you to compare air quality with the latest analysis that the device has performed. It works with a 2200 mAh lithium battery.

A fully compatible tool such as iPad, iPhone or Apple Watch, this allows you to be aware of air quality through the application Koogeek Home. It also has night light sensors that allow it to activate automatically when it detects movement nearby.

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