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The 4 best-selling cell phones for less than $ 500

The 4 best-selling cell phones for less than $ 500

The best models from Amazon!

Do you want to know what are the favorite models of Amazon customers? In the following list we show you the 4 best-selling models with a price below $ 500.

1. Samsung Galaxy S9

The cell phone Samsung Galaxy S9 is the newest on the list, with a 5.8 ”screen with technology Infinity display. In terms of performance, it has a 64GB internal memory and a battery that can last up to 326 hours of use on a single charge. On the back it has a quality 12MP camera and a physical fingerprint reader, while the camera selfie it is 8MP.

Its about best selling cell phone guide, with more than 3,400 reviews on amazon. In addition, it has a current 25% discount and customers mention that it is a model with a quality construction, a very good screen and a very resistant battery. It is an ideal model for those looking for a quality and resistant cell ph1.

2. Samsung Galaxy A10

With a 6.2 ”screen this is the largest cell phone on the list. Samsung Galaxy A10 It offers HD + screen quality, 32GB internal memory, although it can be expanded up to 512GB with a MicroSD card, and 2GB RAM. Its cameras are 13MP on the rear and 5MP on the front.

The cheapest cell phone in the guide, priced less than $ 200 in Amazon. This Samsung model works with GSM cards, but not CDMA from the United States and is well valued by customers. They comment that it is a cell phone with a good price-quality ratio and very simple, perfect for people looking for a large screen in an economic model.

3. Samsung Galaxy S8

From line S, this Samsung cell phone has a 5.8 ”screen like the first model, with technology Infinity display in Full HD + quality. It also has a 13MP rear camera and an 8MP front camera, but it offers 64GB memory and 4GB RAM. These characteristics make it a very powerful model for all kinds of tasks.

This Samsung cell phone has a big discount of 28%, with a current price of under $ 400 on Amazon. In general, it is a model that is well valued and customers mention that it is a quality cell phone, with a great screen resolution and good battery life. It is a perfect model for people looking for functionality in a quality and economical design.

4. Google Pixel 3a

In the last place on the list we find this Google brand cell phone, with a 5.6 ”screen being the smallest on the list. Its quality cameras stand out, with night vision and HDR + technology and its fast charge, which offers up to 7 hours of use with just a 15-minute charge. In addition, this model offers 3 years of protection of your data and updates of software guaranteed.

With the best rating on the list, 4.4 stars, this Google cell phone has a current 19% discount on Amazon. Between his reviews, customers mention that it is a cell phone that combines quality features, including its camera, screen and operation. They appreciate its great connectivity to Google applications and its easy-to-use software. It is the ideal cell phone for those looking for a simple model and want to make the most of the Google universe with Gmail, Google Photos, Google Maps, Youtube, Google Chrome and more.

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