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The 5 best smart TVs to watch series and movies at home without spending a lot of money

A complete entertainment center in your own homeThe 5 best smart TVs to watch series and movies at home without spending a lot of money

The smart TVs they are among the latest in family entertainment devices that are designed to improve the quality and enjoyment of content. This type of device integrates multiple applications and tasks that facilitate the enjoyment of movies and series. Here we present five smart TVs that the whole family can enjoy, without representing a large expense.

1. Smart LED Roku TV

It is a next generation plasma with HDMI, HDCP, USB, RF inputs and many other positions to enhance the entertainment experience. It is a useful and functional equipment that has the latest in combinable technology with 4K Ultra HD picture system.

It is a smart device that will match your decor and offers you access to more than 500 thousand movies and series that the whole family can enjoy whenever they want. You can sync the TV with your headphones or use Alexa for a much more personal experience.

2. Samsung Flat series 7

It is a 50-inch computer with a 4K UHD processor which enables higher image quality and better performance. The device has HDR that provides more intense color tones and also has Smart TV functions that allow you to enjoy live broadcasts.

This television is an excellent entertainment option for its superior quality of sound and image. A device with features that position it as a high-demand HDTV, it also has an elegant and polished design.

3. Samsung Flat by 55 inch

The 55-inch Samsung Flat 7 Series Smart TV that has a 4K processor with HDR enhanced details that provides an experience with million tones color and smart features. It is black in color and has a distinctive curved design that allows you to adapt it to any space in your living room.

This smart TV integrates a universal guide that provides access to various live content and a remote control that allows you to sync it with other compatible devices.

4. LG Electronics UHD TV

It is a television with an efficient processor that allows you to enjoy images from high resolution and excellent image performance. It is equipped with Google and Alexa through LG ThinQ AI technology that makes it a next-generation device that allows unique connectivity and interactivity.

A smart TV that will completely change everything you knew about family entertainment. Its shape allows a vision spectrum crisp and more realistic, plus it’s fully compatible with Apple-branded devices.

5. Smart LED Fire TV Edition

It is an advanced equipment that is equipped with a 43-inch screen with high quality and a 4K Ultra HD image system that provides a high quality visual spectrum. It also has multiple input options HDMI, ARC, USB, cable, optical and audio digital output, among others to give a family entertainment experience like few others.

This is perhaps one of the best options for you to integrate an environment with your family pleasant and pleasant. The device is equipped with a universal guide with which you can enjoy thousands of channels, applications and content available on platforms such as Netflix, YouTube and HBO +.

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