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The 9 best products to disinfect your electronics

Free your electronic devices from microorganismsThe 9 best products to disinfect your electronics

According to various professional studies, it has been proven that electronic devices they are potential breeding grounds for germs and bacteria that can cause illness. That is why it is essential to maintain a cleaning and disinfection routine that includes the devices we have at home. Today there is a wide range of products that are designed to disinfect these tools without compromising their performance, and here are some of the most efficient.

1. Wipes for cleaning computers

It is a bag with 100 wipes of microfiber lemon scented that are manufactured to clean and disinfect electronic equipment screens. Its pads are totally lint-free and provide an antistatic surface that allows you to instantly remove stains, dirt and fingerprint marks.

2. Cloths pre-moistened for LCD screens

There are 70 pre-wet wipes with antistatic membranes They do not contain any type of aroma. They are easy to carry and use tools at all times that can quickly and instantly remove all stains, dirt and germs on plasma screens, computers, touch phones, and other electronic devices.

3. Lens towels and screens

High-quality tissues made from pre-wet microfiber fabric that have been dipped in purified water to provide a less abrasive surface. They come in a standard size that makes cleaning large electronic screens such as plasma televisions easy.

4. Device Cleaner electronic

They are cloths to disinfect electronic devices that have a formula to water base reinforced with the disinfecting properties of isopropyl alcohol. They are specialized tools that you can carry with you in any bag and always be prepared to remove stains, fingerprints, residues and other dirt from your electronic devices.

5. Universal gel for keyboards

Is a Cleaning gel moldable for sterilization and disinfection of keyboards, vents, cameras, telephones and televisions. This product is made from a biodegradable material and has a pleasant lemon fragrance.

6. Wipes packs antistatic

It is a kit of three packages with 25 wipes each that are made with a safe formula made with water, decyl glucose, and methylothiazolin1. These tools help remove dust, fingerprints, and smudges from electronic devices. They have an antistatic design that allows you to clean any electronic device with peace of mind.

7. Equipment to sterilize screens

It is a cleaning kit that includes two bottles of screen spray and two packets of wipes. All tools are safe and alcohol free, designed to provide clean and constant disinfection to all electronic devices without damaging or scratching them in the process.

8. Cleaner kit for smartphones

It is a cleaning package that includes a non-toxic and odorless formula, in addition to long-lasting cloths that are manufactured in antimicrobial microfiber. Both instruments allow deep cleaning of delicate items such as electronic screens, sunglasses, cell phones, consoles and other electronic items.

9. UV sterilizer laptop

It is a portable UV sterilizer for mobile phones that kills germs by emitting rays of ultraviolet light. The design has an internal capsule that has the measurements compatible with phones such as iPhone, Samsung, Huawei and other brands.

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