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The best 3D printers: And what are they for?

The best 3D printers: And what are they for?

A technological tool that helps you materialize your projects

A 3D printer It is a tool that has a solid structure that works using a principle very similar to that of a sculptor who carves on a rock. In this sense, the device is capable of sculpt in minutes an object with real dimensions and totally exact proportions, in addition to being fully functional.

At present this type of devices They are widely used for the manufacture of small pieces to carry out specific repairs of certain equipment or to manufacture solid tools that are essential to perform very specific tasks. Although they are capable of producing three-dimensional objects, they are called printers because their functioning and components are exactly the same as those of a classic paper printer.

In this process a liquid material which will be applied to different areas to precisely elaborate each of the pieces and dimensions of the object to be replicated. In principle, these types of tools were used in industrial sectorsHowever, there are now a wide variety of more compact designs with less costly maintenance.

This is why there are currently more and more companies from various sectors that use this type of device to produce products such as toys, tools and even made-to-measure clothing. In the same way, they are also very useful for manufacture Fully functional accessories such as mobile phone cases, car ornaments and watches.

Having one of these printers allows you to achieve a countless possibilities They are not only limited to fields such as industrial, commercial or design. These can be of great help within your home since they allow you to make a large number of pieces and tools that can be of great help in your day to day. In the market there are different options, and here we show you some of the most practical to have at home.

1. ComgrowCreality Ender 3 easy to assemble


This printer has the ability to resume the printing process even after a prolonged power outage. Its assembly is easy and fast since many of its parts come previously assembled.

The device includes a power supply fully protected that is easy to recharge and completely safe. The device has passed the strictest quality control tests, this guarantees that the printer is a practical, safe and very versatile tool.

2. Flashforge 3D with sliding plates


It is a high-tech design that includes a sliding construction that allows you to more easily manipulate objects once the printing process is finished. Its touch screen is full color and presents a very intuitive system that allows you to easily perform any type of configuration.

It has a resistant structure made with a plastic mixture of industrial quality which guarantees a more stable base. The device includes WiFi, USB and flash drive connectivity system.

3. SaintSmart Ender 3 Pro


A redesigned structure with a aluminum skeleton which is much stronger for the shaft base, this provides greater stability during the process. A professional quality piece that does not require the use of specialized tools when performing maintenance.

Its open structure and advanced technology allow you to manufacture a wide range of articles and products without the danger of overheating. Its solid structure allows you to create large and complex designs without problems.

4. ANYCUBIC series Mega S


Is a designed printer with a system that allows you to configure it in just three steps. The structure is reinforced with eight fixing screws, this makes the device very easy and safe to operate.

Includes a filament sensor and large integrated volume which guarantee a resistant mold, clean and free of sharp parts that could be dangerous. A machine that allows you to save time and production costs.

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