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The best accessories and gadgets to get the most out of your Apple products

Make the most of your devices and facilitate your day to dayThe best accessories and gadgets to get the most out of your Apple products

Manzana It is one of the brands preferred by the modern and contemporary public. Its products are among the best valued globally for their innovative phones, watches and computers whose characteristics and functions provide a more intuitive and practical operation.

In this sense, there is also a range of accessories and gadgets that complement the use of the products of this technology seal and improve its functionality. That is why in the following list we present several options of them so that you can get the maximum profit of your Apple products.

1. Wireless charger 4-function

Is a charger cordless for phones with qi technology which allows you to adapt it to a variety of smartphones. It also has a built-in magnetic module and base for simultaneous charging of your Apple Watch, Airpods, and Apple Pencil.

It is an innovative power bank that will provide you with a better experience, since you will have the possibility of charging up to four devices simultaneously in an orderly way, thus avoiding having to use annoying cables and providing more protection to your smart accessories against overloads and other electrical disturbances.

2. Smart keyboard from Apple

It is a novel keyboard smart Apple for iPad with folding design and sensitive to the touch so that the handling is more pleasant and relaxed, in addition to obtaining a high precision. It has easily accessible ports for faster charging and pairing.

This keyboard is very practical to carry and can be folded up for storage, while creating a thin and light cover for better handling of your iPad, iPad Air and iPad Pro.

3. Portable charging stand for Apple Watch

It is a portable charging stand for Apple Watch made of thermoplastic polymer and nylon to prevent shock. The design is very simple but with great potential and flexibility. The inner sleeve It is removable so you can charge your watch in different places with a built-in magnetic cable and has extra deep edges that will keep the accessory in place.

It also has a sturdy zipper and a very practical grip that will serve to hang it from your bag, pocket or in the rear view mirror of your car. It is compatible with Apple Watch series one, two, three and four.

4. Multi-function adapter USB for iPad

It is a USB adapter to expand the pairing with your iPad. It includes an output for HDMI cable, one for USB 3.0 for data transfer and another for USB C, as well as a 3.5 mm port for headphones. It is a very light complement with a magnetic interface It provides a faster and more stable connection.

This adapter is a great option that will allow you to cover your need for pairing for the file transfer, loads and even connect a hard drive, printer, mouse, among other devices.

5. Smart alarm clock with charger

It’s a smart alarm clock with a built-in projector and charger for Qi-compatible phones, as well as a charging module for Apple Watch. In addition, it has a wireless base with a LCD screen and dynamic hour and alarm indicators.

You can adjust the intensity of the projection easily and practically with a rotation wheel for a better viewing angle, while it has a built-in memory to back up settings. Moreover, it has an AMP USB charging port with a magnetic cable section to keep order.

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