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The best bedside lamps with USB output to connect your electronics

The best bedside lamps with USB output to connect your electronics

Light and plugs in one product!

Do you want a product that fulfills more than one function on your nightstand? With these lamps with USB plugs you can light up your space and also charge your cell phone, tablet and more. Meet our selected models below.

1. Aooshine

In this aooshine lamp we find a rectangular design that at its base has a plug and two USB sockets. It also includes a switch to turn off the plug and the lamp is turned on by pulling the chain at the top.

It is the best-selling model in the guide, with more than 1,100 reviews on Amazon. Customers mention that they are very functional lamps and that they solve the needs of sockets on the nightstand. They also comment that it is a small lamp and regret that it is not available in more colors.

2. Shine Hai

With a design similar to the previous one, the shin hai lamp It has a rectangular beige screen and at its base: 2 plugs and 2 USB. This lamp lights up with a touch control on all its base, which also allows you to choose between 3 levels of intensity. Features a 5.1 foot long cord and includes a bulb vintage.

This lamp has a great rating on Amazon, and stands out for having 2 plugs and 2 USB sockets. Customers comment that it is a very convenient model due to its lighting touch and that it is a very compact model.

3. Shine Hai

Other Shine Hai model, with a cylinder-shaped lamp design. This lamp also has a control touch at its base, which is large. Its light can be regulated in 3 intensities and has 2 USB ports and a plug.

Stands out for its function touch, which makes it a very easy to use lamp and because it has a 43% discount on Amazon. Customers mention about this model that it is very functional and also includes the light bulb.

4. Aooshine

In this aooshine lamp We found a larger model, with 1 plug, 2 USB ports and 2 slots to place your cell phone or tablet while charging. The lampshade is rectangular and is lit with its chain or button on the cord.

With a original and functional design, This Aooshine lamp is highly rated by customers on Amazon and is priced under $ 40. They comment that it is very functional and ideal for any space in the house.

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