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The best Fitbit watch designs that are setting trends

An accessory equipped with the latest technologyThe best Fitbit watch designs that are setting trends

The clocks Fitbit They are smart, resistant accessories with a very particular style that is causing a sensation. Unlike other smartwatches, these accessories are equipped with a variety of high-end features that make them very practical, safe and useful parts. Their designs are very cool and equipped with technology last generation. And so you can have yours right now, here are some of the most popular ones.

1. Fitbit Inspire with heart rate monitor

It is a watch with a heart rate monitor and a strap made of flexible and durable elastomer. It has a radio transmitter and a connectivity with Bluetooth technology 4. It is a piece with an innovative and resistant design that has a safety clasp.

An accessory designed to constantly monitor all your physical activity and heart rate in real time. The system also includes software to monitor sleep, calories burned, and other vital sign indicators.

2. Tracker physical activity

It is a watch with an elastomer strap that features a heart rate monitor that also tracks your sleep cycle and calories burned among other vital signs. This ultra-sensitive accessory features a custom guide loaded with exercises and tips to improve your health.

A piece with which you can exercise outdoors, attend meetings, pick up the kids from school and move on with your itinerary no matter how demanding your day is. Its intelligent system will allow you take full control of your day and be more efficient.

3. Versa 2 compatible with Alexa

A sporty, Alexa-compatible watch that provides quick and easy access to all device functions. The design has a heart and sleep tracking screen, it also has the ability to store and play audios.

With this watch you can always be sure and continuously monitor so that you always be aware of your health. It’s also easy to sync with your smartphone so you can take calls, text messages, calendar, and other applications.

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