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The best Logitec web cams for your family and work video calls

Stay in touch with your family and loved ones at all timesThe best Logitec web cams for your work and family video calls

The webcams they are accessories that give us the opportunity to maintain contact with our co-workers, family members and all the important people in our lives. The cameras of the company Logitec They are one of the most popular today for their designs that have a wide field of view, automatic focus, digital zoom and many other functions that are very useful. And so that you can enjoy all its benefits in the comfort of your home, in this list we present some of the most popular.

1. Logitech camera 1080-pixel HD Pro

A full HD webcam with a resolution of 1080 pixels that provides better quality images. It has the capacity to produce up to 30 frames per second and a panoramic display, it also incorporates the latest in Fluid Crystal technology that reproduces a clearer sound.

This product is equipped with a coded auto-compression function With which you can make a videoconference in high definition with intense colors and clearer images. On the other hand, it is a lightweight and adaptable camera.

2. C270 camera with panoramic lens

It is a camera that records panoramic and has a 720p resolution, it also includes a fixed focus system and a microphone with external noise reducer. It is an accessory that is fully compatible with the Windows operating system.

It is a very versatile tool and easy to adapt. It has a small size, this allows it to fit on any computer so you can do all your conferences and video calls that you need without inconvenience.

3. Logitech Brio with 4K quality

A camera that captures images in 4K, so you can make video calls with sharper quality and much more fluid movements. The resolution is 1080 and 720 pixels and it is equipped with RightLight technology that allows you correct errors in lighting.

The Brio Pro camera also incorporates infrared technology to perform facial recognition and includes the digital zoom function, this prevents the image from distorting or losing sharpness when enlarged.

4. HD webcam with stereo microphone

It is an HD camera with a built-in microphone that provides a wide field of view and has a smart adjustment that improves the visual quality of the environment. It also has an internal tone feature that helps you to be heard clearly throughout the broadcast.

It is a versatile device that easily adapts to any LCD monitor for laptops, desktops, or even external monitors. It also has H.264 encoding that allows you to perform more stable transmissions.

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