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The best outdoor lamps and lights with motion sensor

The latest in patio and garden lightingThe best outdoor lamps and lights with motion sensor

Lamps and exterior lights with motion detection sensors They are devices that allow you to take the first step towards home automation. These are pretty handy for keeping your outdoor spaces from our home and even deter intruders. Many are available at really affordable prices and have systems that help reduce the electricity consumption of your home, and here are some designs that you will surely want to have.

1. Outdoor light with IP65 sensor

They are lights equipped with a PIR sensor which can detect motion up to 26 feet away. The design is angled at 120 degrees and features monocrystalline silicon cells protected by a strong plastic frame.

This kit of solar lights provide a wide illumination angle which is perfect for patios and other large outdoor spaces. In addition, IP65 technology makes them have a long service life.

2. System sunlight lighting

It is a solar lamp with a rotation mechanism It allows you to rotate up to 360 degrees. The design includes 30 LED lights and a sensor to detect movements at night, as well as an automatic shutdown system that will allow you to greatly reduce the electrical consumption of your home.

The frame of these lights has been specially designed to withstand the pounding of water, the sun and other weather conditions. It is an ideal solution for you to keep your garage, patio, garden and other surroundings of your house illuminated.

3. Security lights with three LED spotlights

The Lepower safety lamp has been made with three LED lights equipped with an optical filter that provides soft and eye-safe illumination. It also has a sensor to detect movement up to 72 feet away.

It is a very easy lamp to install and adapt, this is because its three heads are flexible and work independently. Moreover the device is made of sturdy aluminum, a material that dissipates heat and greatly extends its useful life.

4. Amico LED Lamp solar powered

It is a solar powered lamp with multiple modes motion detection device, it is also capable of turning on automatically by measuring the amount of ambient light. The design consists of two ultra-bright LED heads.

An innovative lamp that includes a 3000 mAh lithium battery which provides a long service life. It’s a product environmentally friendly, easy to install and resistant to any type of weather.

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