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The best products to clean your cell phone, tablet and computer

The best products to clean your cell phone, tablet and computer

Cleaning comes to your electronics!

In our electronic devices, especially if they have a screen touch, large numbers of germs and bacteria tend to accumulate. The ideal is to be able to clean them every time we return home and on a regular basis to be safe. When dealing with delicate appliances, you must be careful what you use to clean them.

One option is to use a mixture of 60% water and 40% alcohol, to disinfect the screens of your cell phone, tablet and also your computer completely. But many times this mixture can leave marks on the screens and it is not recommended to use liquids in certain parts such as ports, speakers, keyboards and more. Then we will show you 4 alternatives to complement the cleaning of your electronic products.

1. MiracleWipes

The MiracleWipes Cleaning Wipes They are designed to clean all types of electronics and not leave any marks. They have a small percentage of alcohol, which allows you to disinfect surfaces without ruining the screens. They are quick-drying and anti-static, ideal for home, office, school, and more.

With a price less than $ 20 For a pack of 30 wipes, this product is highly rated by customers. In Amazon, they comment that they are very useful to clean the cell phone, television, computer, tablet and are very durable.

2. Flawless

In the flawless cleaning fluid We found a cleaning product that helps to leave your screens spotless and bacteria-free. Its bottle is 16 ounces and includes a microfiber cloth to clean screens without damaging them. It is made of natural materials and can clean screens, plastic, glass, and more.

This cleaning product has a 4.7 star rating on Amazon and customers comment that it works very well. They warn that their microfiber cloth may fade a bit, so you should be careful when washing it.

3. Syosin

East slime cleaner Helps remove all the dirt trapped on your computer keyboard easily. It is also ideal for difficult to clean and delicate surfaces such as remote controls, calculators and more. With this easy-to-use and reusable product, you can remove dust and other debris from small places.

It is the most economical product, with a price less than $ 10 on Amazon. In general, customers comment that it is a very functional product, ideal for cleaning the computer keyboard or remote control before disinfecting it.

4. Kmesoyi

In the last place on the list we find this UV light sterilizer that is used to clean your cell phone, keys, credit cards and much more. It is a product compatible with cell phones up to 7 ”and that uses UV lights to eliminate bacteria from your products. Each cleaning session lasts 6 minutes and has LED indicators on the lid to indicate that you have finished cleaning.

Despite being the most expensive cleaner on the list, it is the most innovative and has good reviews. In Amazon, customers mention that it is a very functional product to disinfect the cell phone, without having to use chemicals. It is ideal to place anywhere in the house and clean your cell phone easily.

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