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The best routers to improve the range of your home Wi-Fi

Get the best out of your connectionThe best routers to improve the range of your home Wi-Fi

A router is a device designed to expand our ability to access the Internet and stay connected to the world. Nowadays, having a good connection is essential to work, entertain, research and keep in touch with our loved ones and work colleagues. A router is an essential device to get the most out of your Internet connectionFor this reason, today we bring you some of the most powerful.

1. Smart router dual band

It is a router for dual-band wireless Internet that is equipped with three external antennas that broaden your connection range. It is compatible with Alexa and various smart assistants, and its design includes four gigabit LAN ports.

The device includes a USB port that functions as a built-in media server. It is a tool that considerably expands your connection band so that you can work, download content, browse and even play online with total comfort.

2. TP-Lin from 4 antennas for high speed connections

It is a wireless router equipped with four external dual-band antennas and four LAN ports for physical connections. This tool includes AP mode that allows you to share access to your network.

In addition, it integrates MU-MIMO technology which considerably improves the connection speed, even maintaining simultaneous connections. On the other hand, it has a domestic design that makes it very practical and easy to configure.

3. Wireless router 3 antennas

It is a router that has a wide wireless coverage and the ability to sync with multiple devices. This tool also includes a dual band, an advanced 1 Ghz core processor and three amplifier antennas.

In addition, it includes a USB port with which you can create a remote access personal storage cloud. Also, the router has a parental control system that allows you to make it history tracking navigation and restrict access to certain websites.

4. 2 antenna design with 880 Mhz processor

This Netgear router is equipped with two antennas to provide a better connection range via Wi-Fi. It also includes a USB port and a 880 Mhz processor to access the internet faster and share the band with other devices.

This smart router is compatible with most electronic devices and operating systems. In addition, it has a lightweight and portable design that adapts well to places such as offices, bedrooms and living rooms.

5. Router Stram Wi-Fi with 4 ports

It is a device with two external antennas that includes a quad core processor for a faster and faster connection. It is also equipped with voice control technology, and is also compatible with Alexa and other smart assistants.

It is equipped with a system of four simultaneous flows so that you can connect computers, phones and other devices simultaneously, without overloading the band or affecting the performance of the router.

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