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The best smart light options to illuminate your home in a personalized way

Give your home personalized lighting for every moment of the dayThe best smart light options to illuminate your home in a personalized way

The smart bulbs are revolutionizing the way illuminate spaces internal and external of houses, businesses and common places. But particularly for homes, there are smaller versions with great potential that help to conserve and save energy, improve safety and home connectivity. These versions have functions that can be performed by your voice and via mobile devices.

That is why, if you are looking to turn your home into a technological environment intelligent, that makes things and tasks easier for you, an LED bulb, which you can configure, turn on or turn off from the comfort of your phone, is the ideal for you. With that in mind, we present below the best options for smart lights available on Amazon, for light your home in a personalized way.

1. Smart LED bulb white light compatible with Amazon Alexa:

It is a quality LED smart bulb with a wide range of white lights. It is a product with an amount of advanced features that you can control through a mobile phone to set start and rest times. It’s a long-lasting, low-power bulb for long life, which you can also control via voice command with an Amazon Alexa speaker.

It is very affordable and you can install it like any traditional bulb, the difference is that it has a much more intuitive and intelligent handling. It works very well and it has a high light attenuation capacity.

Buy this Ring brand smart LED bulb here.

2. LED strip lights intelligent control by voice and Wifi:

It is a smart strip with 300 LED lights and voice control that works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant technology so your hands are always free, and with your voice you can control functions such as adjusting the brightness. It is a product that you can manage via WiFi remotely, as it incorporates various scene modes so that you create a very fun atmosphere in your home and the other places you prefer.

The versatility and innovation of this product does not stop there, since it has a high sensitivity microphone that allows the reproduction of its range of colors to the rhythm of the music. It is an ideal strip for parties or decorating, and it is also ideal for your children to release their creativity.

Buy this HueLiv brand LED strip light here.

3. Philips lights Bluetooth compatible and built-in timer:

It is a pack of four Philips lights of useful life and compatible with Bluetooth. They are designed for outdoor areas with a timer system so you can give your home a smart style.

Say goodbye to annoying switches and sync Philips Hue Bluetooth lights to your voice using Alexa or the Google Assistant. In addition, these lights are compatible with motion sensors and other advanced plugins to enhance the lighting experience in your home.

Buy Philips brand timer lights here.

4. Smart light bar compact design:

These are two units of lightbars that can be activated by voice, since it is compatible with Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit or Google Assistant, and pair with another variety of technological systems for a smarter experience.

They are bars that do not take up much space and have a aesthetically acceptable appearance for almost all kinds of decorations. They also integrate controls on the rear to deploy light panels, ideal for creating a movie environment in your training room.

Buy this Philips brand smart light bar bundle here.

If you are interested in seeing more smart lighting options to illuminate your home in a personalized way, you will find them here.

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