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The best TVs to enjoy series, sports, novels, and movies, now that you spend more time at home

An essential equipment to have fun at homeThe best TVs to enjoy series, sports, novels, and movies, now that you spend more time at home

One of the most important devices in the home is the television, and technology has made these increasingly offer us more entertainment options. Nowadays a TV allows you to access the internet, download exclusive material and even personalize the contents. If you are one of those who like to see movies and series at home, then we bring you some TVs that will greatly improve your experience.

1. TV Fire Edition Insignia 32 inch

It is a 32-inch Smart HD TV with a unified display that is fully compatible with Alexa. It has a high image quality with real and intense colors, it also includes option packages with content ready to enjoy.

It is equipped with the latest in voice command technology, so you can play music, select content and manipulate each of its functions very easily without having to depend on a remote control.

2. Intelligent Screen 40 inch

A smart TV that gives you access to more than 500,000 movies and other exclusive audiovisual content. Has a very intuitive operating system and includes an Alexa-compatible remote control.

This TV gives you high quality images with very intense colors, all thanks to its LED lighting system. On the other hand it is also compatible with Google Assistant and it can play a wide variety of video and audio formats.

3. Samsung UHD series with Crystal UHD display

It is a device with a UHD processor that transforms any image into 4K quality content. In addition, the television includes a remote with voice recognition that allows you to search for movies, play music and manage content in a practical and comfortable way.

With this TV you can enjoy your movies, series and other audiovisual content in a quality that allows you to enjoy images with vibrant colors, all this on a screen with a wide visual spectrum.

4. Toshiba 4K Fire Edition

It is a Toshiba ultra HD 4K quality TV with eight million pixels that allow you to enjoy images with deep contrasts and vivid colors. Has a remote control equipped with voice command technology fully compatible with Alexa.

A device that allows you to enjoy Netflix, Prime Video, Hulu and HBO through a Wi-Fi connection. It is also equipped with an intuitive menu that allows you to locate the contents quickly and easily.

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